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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by mjvaden, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Thanks for the information Michael, this is really sad, I am a Deputy at a Sheriff's Department. I see people like this prey on the elderly but normally the scumbags will all be overseas and very hard to track down. Thanks for watching out for us.
  2. Valdo

    Valdo Member

    I think we should make a list of reputable people who we can trust instead of trying to identify all scammers. Fortunately I haven't been scammed...yet.

  3. Light Rail Coyote

    Light Rail Coyote Active Member

    Go the buyers and seller section and search the seller's username. If they've done business on this site before and someone has left a review of how their transaction went down, then you'll know if they're good or bad. If they're a new seller, it's a different story. You can always ask them if they sell on eBay or Etsy or some other site with transaction feedback, so you can get a better idea as to how they do business. If they have none of these things, you'll have to decide on your own if it's worth the risk of dealing with them or not.
  4. AllieC

    AllieC Member

    Don't try to buy anything from "Biro" they tried to scam me and they even did a terrible job at it.

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  5. Genestanfield

    Genestanfield Lake of the Ozarks Outdoorsman

    can you remove my post from 1/25/15 I had pic issues slow server or something and reposted today correctly thx
  6. MarineCorps0311

    MarineCorps0311 New Member

    If you need a check done on a person to verify them, find out their email username and message it to me. I have some guys in my department who can verify if they are spam or legit people.
  7. Sumelong

    Sumelong New Member

    thanks mate

    it is you do all you can to send them off this area.
    because i can see many of them now wanna sell Taxidermy and animal extracts

    we remain grateful to you
  8. MooseFriend

    MooseFriend Just a moose from Canada, eh?

    What if you are actually very uncomfortable giving out your phone numbers to random strangers on the internet? Not only do I hate using the phone (woo, GAD!), but any calls I make - since most of them would be to the US - would cost me, and I don't want to give someone my number, to begin with. It's an emergency cell phone...
  9. Stud_buck

    Stud_buck New Member

    I got contacted by a email that was called Modern Busines. FYI
  10. Liza Grey

    Liza Grey New Member

  11. H2ofowler71

    H2ofowler71 New Member

    anks for the heads up.