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Back in the game! Tank O' Bugs open for business

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by SkullGrrl, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. I have built up my bugs into a large enough colony that I can take on outside projects to keep them fed! I'd like to get some regular contracts with taxidermists or specialty artists to keep this new part of my business open, so I'm just making a post to announce it. I offer full cleaning/whitening/degreasing and repair services. I also buy leftover bone and animal scrap. No hides at this time, but any long bones, feet, claws, fangs, partial broken skulls and jaws, and tails.

    Please email me at [email protected] for prices or any other info!
  2. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Might want to put this in the "Wanted" section too.

  3. If would check out your local grocery for some spoiled meats. you can usually get it for about a nickle a pound. this works great for keeping colonies going strong during the off season.
  4. coop1212

    coop1212 Active Member

    What's this "off-season" you speak of toxic?
  5. Come on Shannon, I was down for 3 weeks