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Bird of the Week # 18 Oct.22 2012

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by byrdman, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Peter Span

    Peter Span Corvids, gotta catch them all!

    And a crappy owl ;D

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  2. taxos

    taxos Finches, Buntings

    Nice stiffies!

  3. hop

    hop Member

    Span is the best in the west!!! :eek:
  4. wings II

    wings II New Member

    What a great two-week period for BOTW! Great Job to Pat for his hosting duties. I'm sure everyone loved seeing all the fantastic work from all around the world. :) The Harli piece by Shane to the tweety's by HOP, Peter and Lee and everything in between were all just fantastic!

    Well now it is time for Mr. Kostas to take the wheel and be the host from overseas for the next two week period.
    I want to thank all of the talented contributors, both past and present, who not only share their personal great talents, but also those just beginning that have summoned up the courage to share as well. It is my sincere hope that everyone who reads this will take the time to invite another bird taxidermist or enthusiast to participate in Bird of the Week – whether it is a valued veteran member that has chosen to return and move forward by putting past differences and loyalties aside or someone joining us for the very first time, all of us are welcome on BOTW.

    So, from the beginner to the world champion, I am humbled by the opportunity to once again welcome everyone in joining a positive, inspirational and critique free string with nothing more than great artists and bird taxidermists getting together to share not only their efforts, but also their praise and inspiration of goodwill and friendship toward one another. I wish all the best to those in the pursuit of better birds! - Matt
  5. lee tees valley

    lee tees valley tweety luvva.

    verry nice peter'''spanmen is da boss birdman ;D :eek: :D ;)
  6. igor

    igor Member

    Very nice birds, Peter and all.
    There is the baby piece finished

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  7. Avian Preservation

    Avian Preservation New Member

    Very,Very nice. Always proud to say you are one of my taxidermy mentors.
  8. Peter Span

    Peter Span Corvids, gotta catch them all!

    Verrry nice igor!
  9. There is some crazy good work being posted! I don't have to tell you all who you are, because I know you have to see your own talent. These guys mounting these little song birds and birds of prey are in a league of their own. It isn't very often when you have a week so full of great stuff like we are seeing here. Fan-freaking-tastic stuff! WOW!