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SNAKES; rattlers & copperheads

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by texascritter, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    Okay trying to clean freezer out before I start working dens again. I have the following snakes in the freezer ready to go. Rattlers are $1.50 a inch "shipped" FedEx to the lower 48. I can not ship to California as it is illegal to ship a whole western diamond back or copperhead even if it is dead into California. Anyway here is the list;

    3- small 6"-12" copperheads $10 each Plus shipping

    1- 25" copperhead $20 plus shipping

    1- 6'+ Bullsnake


    2 baby rattlers $15 each plus shipping

    35", 33", 40",34", 43", 34",38",53", 44" price is $1.50 a inch shipped in lower 48 (Me pay shipping with FedEx in the lower 48.
  2. LRB

    LRB Member

    Do you have any rattlesnake fangs...???...I could use about a dozen fangs.....How much on the Bull Snake...??


  3. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    I have several heads that have the fangs in them and about to ad 8-9 more heads to the bag. Bullsnake is $20 plus fedex shipping.
  4. LRB

    LRB Member

    Thank You....

  5. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    ML, forgot to say the heads are $3 each + shipping. Do you want the heads and the bullsnake to combine shipping?
  6. LRB

    LRB Member

    Mark......I don't want either one..

  7. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    Well 11 day bump. the 53 inch is sold all the rest are still available.
  8. skylarlee2

    skylarlee2 New Member

    im interested in the rattlesnake heads are they still available
  9. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Been waiting on mIne also talked to him on phone about two weeks ago needed one large one He said he was about to butcher some and thats the last I heard from Him still Waiting Guess he forgot or is still Trapping or ? Mark Where Ya At!
  10. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    First off chasing a woman and plus Fedex saying delays, today was a darbn holiday so planing on shipping next Monday. Heads thaw quick so can not afford any delay.
  11. Barry

    Barry New Member

    LOL did Ya catch her! Does she have a Lot of Money? anyway let me know how much on the large head I needed with the extra neck skin !!!! I told you about and the other three small ones added in Plus Shiping to 76020
  12. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    Barry, will get them out to you on Monday and then we will see what all it is. If you check out my facebook you will see I am jumping through hoops too. Caught a yote this morning and then called in a nice tabby Bobcat tonight!!!! Sitting here having a adult beverage trying to drown a 5 hour power so I can go to bed. My facebook is

  13. Barry

    Barry New Member

    Got your Email about not shipping Monday or today and you could not remember how many I wanted Anyway You said no big deal dont worry about the Heads I will locate one somewhere !!!