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Screech Owl head form?

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Sela.Absynthe, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. I am in a bit of a pickle here.

    Last night my fiance' drove up the street to go get pizza with a friend in my vehicle. they came back saying they had struck an owl (i thought they were either joking or i was thinking, they totaled my van and struck a Large owl)
    turns out it was a tiny screech owl that they had struck going 30 mi/hr we tried saving the poor thing by making it warm and comfortable and calling a rehab center but by the time my friend got the information down the poor bird slipped away.

    now here comes the odd part. My friend is highly obsessed with owls and has asked me to mount the bird for her. it was immediately put in the freezer after passing. The problem I am finding here, (before I am touching the body I am trying to find laws on this situation since we did not hunt it but it died in our home, in our care trying to save it's life) is that I can find a body form for the bird on Vandykes but no head form......

    Does anyone know where I can find one? I am not the greatest sculptor and the skeleton is going to be put to another use if we get the green light to do this mount so using the skull is out of the question.

    Please help. Thanks

  2. Mink

    Mink New Member

    Any birds of prey (inlcuding owls, hawks, etc.) are federally protected and entirely illegal to posses in any way without proper permitting. This means you cannot keep the feathers, skin, bones, or any part of it whatsoever. My best suggestion would be to give the poor thing a proper burial, or donate to a nature center or natural history museum that has the permits to keep it.

  3. Quit posting and get rid of it!!!!!!!! not worth going to jail over
  4. Laurier

    Laurier Active Member

    in Canada you can get a permit
  5. .....unfortunately Im not in Canada.

    I have relayed the information to my friend who has buried the owl on her property.

    thank you guys for the help
  6. Massastan

    Massastan New Member

    I followed up on one of the links I saw on one of the forums, here's the response I got. (The jailbait pictures are very nice)

    -------------------- Response from seller

    Thanks for contacting me.

    These are the last set of birds mounts i still have available for sale

    Boreal Owl-closed wing table mount $400
    Barred Owl-closed wing table mount $450
    Goshawk-open wing wall mount-brownish color phase $250
    Snowy Owl-open wing wall mount $550
    Willow Ptarmigan-summer transition color phase-closed wing table mount $350
    Willow Ptarmigan-winter color phase-closed wing wall mount $300

    I have attached pics for your view.

    Let me know which of them you will like to take. Or are you going to take all?


    ---------------------- Response from seller

    This is my details address:
    xxxxxx xxxxx
    xxxx xx St.
    Miami Florida 33129

    I have my CITES permit to have them shipped over to your home.

    If ok, then let me know if you gonna take them. I can possible have them shipped over to you via USPS, FEDEX to your home/address

    Thanks and waiting

    --------------------------------- My response

    I'll arrange an inspection of the item and documentation at the nearest licensed taxidermist to you.
    Payment will also be through the licensed taxidermist.
    Here are two taxidermists located in Miami,


    ------------------------- Response from seller

    Thanks. no way. i am really sorry i disagree with your choice.

    I will allow inspection of item and documentation but payment will b directly to me after the inspection and confirmation

    let me have your thoughts

    ----------------------------------- My response

    Have a Happy Holiday