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Skull Bleach

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by ryan w, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. It's very simple hoe I do it. The once the head is completely degreased and dry, it gets a good visual inspection. I an double checking the little spots that tend to hold grease. If it is grease free I decide (based on the color of the bone) if it go to the 3% dip. So far this year, I think I've had 5 or 6 so far that needed it. I keep the 3% in plastic shoe boxes that have been painted on the outside. This simply keeps the peroxide from breaking down too fast when not in use. I have a little room that stays completely dark. The head gets sat in there to soak up the 3%. After a day of so of that, ( I set the heads up before I go to the fire station, so the 24 hours I'm gone I'm still being productive). When I get back I take them out and they go to a good sunny spot to dry. After that, I run them the 40 volume one time, and they are done.
    Seawolf, you have to remember that being a woman automatically give you the advantage of not be as sloppy as a man when it comes to things. When I try soaking in 40 volume, it gets messy. LOL, so I started doing it this way because it was a lot easier and cleaner for me. I didn't take it as a challenge at all, the way I worded it came out kind of wrong. Everybody has there different ways of getting to the same place. I've been working constantly to streamline and simplify my process. A few years ago, I did maybe 50 heads a year. Now, I'm taking in 50 every few days. So as the business has grown, I've been hustling to grow with it. I used to get 3 or 4 alligators a year, now I have suppliers that want to do several thousand annually to sell. I take a large ice chest to work every shift and spent my evenings prepping heads while sitting in the engine room. Fortunately, most guys on my department hunt so its become a "cool" thing to see and score the deer, and make be gross guys while I do it.
    I'm on here a lot now because I find great little nuggets of advice and I want to share some of the tricks I've learned. Now I I could only figure out to post pictures I could share more.
  2. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    If you want to post the best pictures possible, set up a free account with photobucket. Upload your pictures there. To post a picture here, open the picture in Photobucket. To make it easier, nor right click on it and choose "view image". Copy the URL of that picture and paste it here. Readers can at least go and look at it. You can post it here by using the "Reply" window. It brings up all sorts of extras to use in the messaging system. One of them is a small icon to "Insert image". After you have copied the url of your picture, click on that icon and then click "Paste". The url will go between the coded bits that will show the picture in your post.

  3. You dont need to simmer in baking soda. You need a degreaser!!!! Sal Soda and Sodium bicarb are not the samething!! Dont care who says with heat SB will change it dont work as well.

    Try Powdered laundry soap or washing soda.
  4. Sal Soda/Soda Ash is the exact same thing as Washing Soda. It does NOT get grease out. Baking Soda/Sodium Bicarb does change to Washing Soda when you heat it and it still does not get grease out. All these do nothing more than help dissolve the flesh attached to the bone and make it easy to get the outside clean.

    Laundry soap will get some gease out and that and ALL of the above will damage the bone if you use them to simmer a skull clean.
  5. Just something, don't use UV light or to much sun if you want bones to get a "long life". Bones are both minerals and proteins (collagen), UV/sun destroy the collagen, see what happen to bones in the desert or just let outside for years, yes they are very white but they also start to decompose/falling apart. In the Museum de Toulouse they have a hight wall of skeletons light up naturally and from what they say windows are supposed to be treated to not let UV enter/pass.
  6. Ok why do they use washing soda to wash oil field workers clothing if it does not get the grease out? It is also used in commercial laundries to launder mechanics rags and uniforms???

    Why would they ??????

    Light does not activate the whitener, heat does!!

    Guess I have been all wrong for last 35 years.

    I want to add, I have completed 21 skulls this week, one yote, one elk and the rest white tail deer. But by your slow poor quality allowing the bone to slowly leach grease is it really is removing the grease I am still wrong.

    Many many of these skulls are from repeat customers from the last 35 years.
  7. Sodium Bicarb will convert to Washing soda rapidly at 200F

    But when used at under 170F it will not convert. It remains Bicarb. To convert it to carbonate you cannot have contaminates like blood, which contains iron and other contaminates. These are also in the water you are using, so you would have to use reverse osmosis pure water to convert to carbonate. Aluminum pots also change what is going on and does not accelerate the chemical change,
  8. I know that UV light can damage bone. But I seriously doubt 8 hrs is going to ruin a skull. If that were the case, we would have to store our skulls in the dark and never display them