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Fleshing wheel vs Whizard Fleshing Tool

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Rackmastr, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Hey All,

    I have searched and searched the threads on the Whizard and have got some good idea of what type of tool it is. Looks slick, nice and easy to use, and expensive is the main thing I hear about it.

    I am just starting out and do part-time work as I have a full-time job working with the government. I cherish my 'mounting' time and although I do sometimes enjoy fleshing capes by hand, I'd like to have a bit of an advantage for speeding up some of this work. I've been considering buying a Dakota Pro as it sounds like a hell of a machine. The Whizard caught my eye as well as it looks like a nice unit.

    Would be doing deer, elk, sheep, antelope, some bears, etc, etc with this and I dont tan my own capes at this time and doubt I will. I work out of an attached garage so space is somewhat an issue but not horrible. The idea of a smaller tool like the Whizard does seem nice though.

    I want to be able to speed up my raw cape fleshing and possibly be able to shave down around the face area after a tanned cape is returned (right now I use a dremel and it works great, but always looking for whats best).

    Thoughts on which is the better investment and why?
  2. GC424

    GC424 New Member

    i bought the dakota pro and i like it very much But i only use it for shaving cape after pickle. i use the pressure washer for the rough fleshing works great.

  3. the wisard is a good thing check replacement parts elec vis air ,, so I have a d-4 and a d-5 the pro is great but its just a fancy machine that cost to much. The fact is the d-5 can do all you want in fleshing and shaving and the d-4 dose the face ears legs and eye areas great , The 4 also dose cats yotes and small things with ease . I would love to have a pro but im afraid i would put it on the fire place mantal becuase of coast , after you get into the racket after a while you wil find you can cut yur fingers on the cheeper machine just as well as the pro I didnt vote for Obomass so ill stay with what works mark c
  4. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    Whizzards removes square inches of flesh while fleshing machines remove square feet. I own both. The only reason I have a Whizzard is to do hog capes. Shaving with a Whizzard is meticulous and slow. You will slice and dice a cape every now and then, regardless of your best efforts.
  5. hunterray2002

    hunterray2002 http://www.finandfoto.com

    I'm still old school. Using the benchgrinder and wire wheel.
  6. thats crazy wire wheeling a hog . crap flying all over the place but you have to do what you think works best . I thouht at one time there would be a hog god and the shield melts off , you ever noticed how much tougher they are when they dont get enough water? like a rock
  7. hunterray2002

    hunterray2002 http://www.finandfoto.com

    The other GRIZZLY BOAR. .lol
  8. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Fleshing machine = Cadillac
    Wizard Flesher = roller skate.

    The wizard will be fine around the face, but it would take hours to do an Elk cape with it. If you want speed of fleshing and shaving of pickles skins, a large round knife fleshing machine is what the tanneries use.
    And you having a government job, I thought you would not be into working hard, and wanting a Wizard would make you work hard. If I remember right, the wizard's original purpose was in slaughter houses and removing meat from bones. Someone had the great idea to try it for taxidermy work. You would be far ahead with a fleshing machine. And I mean the top of the line ones, not the Dakota V economy clunker, the Dakota Pro or similar style machine. I know, you are part time, and the price scares you. That is an obstacle you have to find away around if you want to do the job right. Sell some junk on ebay or Craig's list.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Low T, the price actually doesn't scare me one bit. I'd rather invest in good quality equipment that lasts. The Dakota Pro gets the nod for a wheel from what I've read.

    I loved the government job post..haha so true! I prefer to do things the easy way!

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Sounds like a lot of guys prefer the wheel for fleshing. I do like the ability to tan my own capes with a wheel for shaving as well.

    Appreciate it!

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  10. Hello,

    Check this site out, it may be interesting....or not....for you


    if you have any questions, randy is always available ,,, and he returns calls
  11. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    The whizard is great for fleshing, not so much for shaving. I have both the whizard and the Dakota Pro. I use them both, but if I had to only had one, I'd get the Pro, but that's because I need to shave capes. If I sent them all our, I would only use the whizard. I've tried to flesh with the Dakota, but the whizard is much easier to flesh with.