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Please Help With Skull Cleaning

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by ErisKillton, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. ErisKillton

    ErisKillton New Member


    I'm VERY new to all of this so please forgive me if I haven't done something right or if I sound very ignorant. All I know is what information Ive read on the internet and what videos I could find.

    I found a lovely red fox that had been very recently hit by a car by the side of the road and I decided I wanted to start learning how to skin it and save the tail and skull.

    I successfully was able to skin it without messing up and puncturing any organs or making a mess of things and pulling out the tail by the bone. And even though it was very intense I was able to get the head (skull) detatched from the body without damaging the skull.

    Now I want to preserve that skull mysellf. I have it in a bucket right now, I haven't attempted to get the brain out yet. I read about the different methods of cleaning the skull. I decided that I am going to use Tergazyme. I have already ordered it and it's on its way. I would of liked to use beetles but that wasn't feasable. Has anyone used Tergazyme? What should I do first?

    The eyeballs, tongue, nose, brain, and part of the vertabre (I think) are still attatched. I can post a picture if that will help anyone to help me out.

    Thanks for reading and again, I apologize if I sound stupid or anything. I have always wanted to do something like this and this is my very first attempt at doing it. I posted here because this forum seems like it has many knowlegable and patient people on it.
  2. bipbip

    bipbip New Member

    http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,48226.0.html here you can find some information

  3. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    I haven't heard of anyone using "tergazyme" before so it's likely not a good idea. If you want the best results possible you should either macerate or mail it out to have someone beetle it for you, then look up "degreasing"
  4. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    I don't know what tergazyme is but some things that will get rid of the meat on the skull will also get rid of the skull in the process. Let us know how it worked. I'm always open to new things
  5. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Well-Known Member

    Soak the skull with "sal soda" (arm and hammer washing powder) which will loosen up the meat and tissue. Leave it in there a while and the stuff will pretty much fall off - or at least come off a LOT easier. Watch for the teeth falling out.

    As a side note, I recommend checking out your local game laws before posting you are picking road kill...its illegal in some states, like here in Texas, for instance!
  6. hunterray2002

    hunterray2002 http://www.finandfoto.com

    I know this may sound crazy to some, I have actually tried this and it works. I took a skull and placed it in a 10 gallon tote filled half with water and other half with muratic acid and left it soak.

    Took about 35 minutes, Cleaned the skull meat off and anything that may have remaind just fell off while rinsing with hose.