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How much have you got in this year?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by jkjohn, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    You make me tired. Think I'll go take a nap.
  2. davehyer

    davehyer Active Member

    Just checked in deer 70, 25 black bear,17 elk,2 moose,2 antelope and lots of misc. Gun season opens monday.

  3. Team NWTF

    Team NWTF Life is short, serve GOD!

    40 Deer, 2 Turkeys, 4 Bear, 2 Bobcats, 1 Fish, 4 Coyotes and 1 Squirrel since Oct.
  4. 31 Shoulder mounts, 49 Euro's, Deer and Bear Open next week. Right on schedule for a better year than last!
  5. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Dave, you better get at it if you have that much already!(LOL) I don't want as many wts as I had last year, that is why I went up again before season. However, the way it looks, I will be close! About 200 pieces is all I really want to do in a year's time and I an over halfway there already with gun season looming on the horizon!
  6. davehyer

    davehyer Active Member

    Yeah if it keeps going like it is ill be in trouble
  7. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    Ya Dave, you get any busier and you won't be able to do your JOBS at the OTA convention !!! LOL
  8. First year open and i've got 17 shoulder mounts. I havent had time to advertise at all i work a 50 hour week and do this at night. I was planning on 10 or so to play with looking more like its going to be around 20. who knew
  9. tas

    tas New Member

    A great year so far, 46 wt 4 yotes 2 squirrels 2 pheasants 3 bear 1 goose . And gun starts Monday.
  10. 24/7

    24/7 New Member

    Started slow but the rut seems to have things jumping in southern middle TN this weak. Will be cutting it off in another weak or so at this rate. As far as advertising, never realy did any. Put up a few cards at the local checking stations the first year and a few years later, word of mouth brings in abt all I realy can handle at this point. Dennis I took your advice about the ear butts as I was skinning one out tonight and took a lot of ref.pics of the muscle detail. Learn't A LOT! Thank's
  11. Michael Shipman

    Michael Shipman Killen Merriams in SD

    I usually do 170 -180 total pieces per year. Last year i got in 280 pieces. I'm in the 160s so far this year. But i got about 6 or 8 African safaries due in in the next month or two.
  12. Michael Shipman

    Michael Shipman Killen Merriams in SD

    and that's not counting the wholesale rugs i do. I probably done 40 bear rugs alone several zebras and other small game.
  13. Nice to hear and your welcome. ;)
  14. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    I hope everyone is taking in more than anticipated. We had the busiest November ever. A little cool weather early in the year here in the deep south can really get hunters pumped about hunting!
  15. shammy

    shammy New Member

    1 antler mount, 5 shoulder mounts, 2nd shotgun season in now. Good luck everyone.
  16. theguyyouknowtaxidermy

    theguyyouknowtaxidermy The Guy You Know Taxidermy<Daniel Elkins>

    I was expecting a lot more than I have received. So fare 8 euros, 6 wt mounts and 1 soft tan. A few more say they will be by we will see. I am not holding my breath

    My question is does anybody receive any wt mounts after the first of the year?
  17. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    My best season ever. I am very thankful.
  18. bowhunter132

    bowhunter132 Member

    down a little from last year, 43 elk 16 muledeer, 2 antelope....
  19. ShastaDonegan

    ShastaDonegan Lets start with ridiculous and move backwards.

    Jeeze that's "down" work? Sounds pretty great to me!
  20. RACE98