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7 Point Down.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by buckmaster14, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. buckmaster14

    buckmaster14 Sometimes you get lucky...

    I made something in that evaporates deer scent and carries the scent downwind... I had special golden estrous in it this morning and this buck came charging in from directly down wind from me. Shot him at 65 yards broadside.... Im happy with it even though its only a 2 year old..



  2. Deerman

    Deerman Member

    congrats,what did you make that evaporates sent?

  3. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Nice buck. Are you required to tag the deer in your State? Our State requires us to tag the deer before we even move it, yet I see so many photos of untagged deer.
  4. No tags here T, no ckeck in at all unless on a WMA. Nice deer BM.

    TIM DUNCAN surry county va

    good season so far for you congrats my 8 year old missed a 8 pointer yesterday thanksgiving night
  6. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Michigan has voluntary check stations for the DNR cops to guess the age of your buck. Heavy on the guess.
  7. Mason

    Mason Active Member

    Good lookin deer.
  8. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    Congrats BM! Nice Buck.

    Now Go get a hair cut ! [email protected] hippies everywhere. ;D
  9. srholmes30

    srholmes30 Living each and every day

    Congrats nice looking deer
  10. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Curious, how many bucks are you allowed to kill in a year?
  11. ktmhrs

    ktmhrs Member

    X 2 on what antlerman said...sounds like an open season
  12. South Dakota tags deer on one of the rear legs.
  13. buckmaster14

    buckmaster14 Sometimes you get lucky...

    2 bucks a year, 4 does. i have killed a 6 point and this seven point and one doe. so im tagged out on bucks and have 3 doe tags left.

    And No, there is no tag that must be present on the deer itsself. in nc you simply punch a hole in a piece of paper that has your "tags" on it, and then report it either by phone or online within 24 hours for a confirmation number.
  14. buckmaster14

    buckmaster14 Sometimes you get lucky...

    I took a piece of thin wall steel pipe and tack welded small metal rods across the inside diameter of the pipe... i drilled 3 small holes near the bottom of the pipe for air about 2 inches from the bottom. You buy small scent free candles that come in the small tin cups, use one of the cups for the deer scent, which sits up on the metal rods, and place another candle on the ground inside the pipe, under the cup of deer scent. The heat from the candle warms the small tin cup enough to cause the scent to start steaming, which drifts downwind.
  15. ktmhrs

    ktmhrs Member

    What about the other two deer that are probably laying dead some where? Do you not have to be responsible for those?
  16. buckmaster14

    buckmaster14 Sometimes you get lucky...

    If you do not find the deer it is not considered a harvest.
  17. ShastaDonegan

    ShastaDonegan Lets start with ridiculous and move backwards.

    Same thing in VA, just notch your tag for deer and call in to get your tag number...you still have to check in turkey and bear at a check in station though...had a friend get a ticket already this year though for not notching his tag, he called it in and wrote down the number but still got a ticket. I bet he won't ever get one again though.
  18. ktmhrs

    ktmhrs Member

    I'm not talking about finding the deer you carelessly shot at... Everyone makes a bad shot at some point in their life, but the difference is you weren't taking ethical shots. You were just slinging lead in hopes of killing one. I think careless, poor decisions like you made should hold you responsible for those deer, and likewise should cost you at least 1 of your tags...if not more.
  19. buckmaster14

    buckmaster14 Sometimes you get lucky...

    That discussion is over and done with ktm, gotta keep pullin it to the surface? why dont u go post on that thread and pull it up to the top too while your at it. IDC what you think or what you say, your just here to start problems...
  20. ktmhrs

    ktmhrs Member

    start problems? you do that way to well for me to try and take your job. I dont care if everyone else has decided to sweep it under the rug... what you did and have done in the past should be tattooed to your forehead as a constant reminder in hopes that you dont pull that crap again.