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tanning not turning out well

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by bigrig737, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. bigrig737

    bigrig737 New Member

    hey, i'm a complete beginner and started with a deer hide and two fox hides. i didnt want to start out with a mult-step tanning process with ph levels and such that seemed complicated. so i found deer hunters & trappers one step solution. the reviews seemed awesome and it said it made the hides very soft. i tanned the deer first. it turned out rock hard. which im sure is because i didnt get enough membrane off. but im tanning the foxes now, and they just dont seem right. the skin seems like its turning crunchy like paper. i got all the fat and membrane off of them, and i followed all the instructions. what am i doing wrong?
    also, i bought a wire brush for the deer hide. if i get all the membrane off, could i re-tan it?
    thanks in advance. im not looking to do anything fancy, just wall hangers, with out the hair falling out.
  2. For one thing, deer hides are pretty thick, and should be shaved down. You would still have to break the hide while it's drying, and try some tanning oil. The fox won't be so bad. Their very thin and will break fairly easily. I use the edge of my bench and run it over the edge several times a couple times a day while it's frying.
    Good luck

  3. bearrug48

    bearrug48 Active Member

    It would be well worth your while to get a video on prep and tanning hides.

    TIM DUNCAN surry county va


    BOBTRAC New Member

    getting the Ph down to 1.5 is NOT HARD. salt your raw hide after you get as much meat and tissue off. change salt if it looks real wet, let sit for day or 2, then rehydrate in salt water until soft again,set up pickel bath, 5 gal water and 5 pounds salt, oxolic acid to lower Ph to 1.5 and let sit in that for 1 day, pull out flesh hide and put back in for 48 more hours and then neutralize with baking soda to raise Ph to 5.0 and let sit for 20 min mix up tan and put in tan for 12 to 16 hours , oil and ready to mount. I think i got i it right