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Stretched the budget but were able to hire Clint Eastwood!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Justin P., Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    He really tried to sell me on the empty chair approach but I had to remind him it didn't work for Romney so he put this together.

  2. LMAO, hows that working for ya?

  3. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    HA Do I have a story fer ya.

    Guy comes here the other day with a nice deer to be mounted. I looked at his deer whole in the back of his truck. We spent close to an hour talking about poses, habitat, looking over mounts in my showroom, etc. Then we go out to skin out his deer. Skinned it out rather quickly, then he asks whats next? I said next I will cape it out, cut the rack off, send the cape to the tannery,etc. He then asks, can I watch? Sure, I don't care. I cape it out, not as fast as Michael, but in about 10 minutes I'd say. I cut the rack off, clean it up and rubbed some DP onto the skull plate. Then he asks, whats next? all the while he's talking about my boys knowing his son and that it was his son that sent him here. I asked how old is his son and where would they have met. He said at school.........I said at the University? He said no....H.S. I asked again, how old is your boy? 21 he said....Didn't fit, but hey whatever right!! Then he wants to talk about learning to mount deer heads.......I said fine...you pay me 500.00 for every head we mount together including an extra 500.00 for yours and I will teach you. He said that sounds like a deal. Lets plan on it. Ok, sounds good to me. We go to do the paperwork and his tag and address is a town about 40 miles from me in the opposite direction of where my sons live. Now, I'm really scratching my head and trying to figure out how his son knows my sons. My sons are in their mid 30's. and live in St. Louis. He said I'll find out and call you back and let ya know. Ok that would be fine.....But really it didn't matter one way or another to me. All time consumed, telling hunting stories, shootin the crap, and skinning his deer, etc etc. at least 2 hours. Things are slow this year so I didn't mind.

    Later that night he calls.........Tim, I [expletive deleted] up.. I said how's that? He said I took my deer to the wrong taxidermist. I had no idea there was two of you in that little town. It was the other guy that my kid went to school with his kid. I'm sorry, but I promised him the deer. Since you are close to him and I'm so far away..do you mind talking my deer and money over to him?? I said do you know or have you ever gone to his shop and looked over his work? He said no. I said, you're gonna pick a taxidermist based on your sons being friends? He said yeah man, I promised him. I said, you will have to come get your own deer and take it to him. Then he said; awe man you can keep 50.00 for your trouble if you will do that for me. I said, I will keep 100.00 and I will not do that for you. You will have to come and get it.

    The next day he showed up. Got his deer and his deposit minus 100.00.

    50.00 an hour?

    That sounds about right!! LOL

    if had one of them there Clint Eastwoods standing around in the shop, I think I could have charged him double. Stupid should cost more.
  4. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    You're probably going to be seeing him again for a remount antlerman
  5. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    Tim that's brutal!
  6. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I think you got your movie quotes mixed up, but it will work, LOL
  7. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    I know it....
    This is more of the period, ahh timeless, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks7-A-7Zvak
  8. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    We shoudl name a charity and bid on sending this Clint Eastwood around to shops. Have his pic taken at the sponsors shop and sent off again. that would be fun.
  9. shammy

    shammy New Member

    Love the story antlerman, where do they all come from.
  10. alexm

    alexm New Member

    good one like the guy who called me I have a deer to bring in I say great I just want it caped I have a friend who is going to mount it I say get him to cape it well he hasn't done that many I say good luck with that one hes got to learn ;D
  11. Some people are brainless, especially when they call and ask,
    how do you do this or that, I want to boil my own skull,
    how do you do it.
    Its like me calling dunkin donuts and ask them, how do you make your donuts.
    Come ON, really
  12. MidwestBigBucks

    MidwestBigBucks Member

    What a story, I can't imagine him spending all that time with you and then realizing he F'ed up, and after all that time you spent letting him hang out and watch you, him taking it elsewhere. That is such a bummer, can't even imagine. Everyone does need that Clint Eastwood sign for sure, lol!!
  13. HA, Has something like that happen, guy brought a deer in. three weeks ago, I cape it out listen to his story, then the other day she showed up to pick it up, he had found someone cheaper, I went and picked out his rack and handed it to him, and said the cape is at the tannery (which it is!) then he ask about getting his deposit back, I said the cape is at the tannery, you owe me for the tanning bill, and skinning so you dont get any money back. you owe me another $50.00 on the tanning and shipping. Then he says where is the tannery I will just go and pick up the cape. I had to explain "Look the tannery is not going to send your cape back to you,will not give it to you, they dont know which of the 20 capes are yours! Then he says I can pick it out. I told him Look its a done deal, I can enforce this contract because work has started on your deer, the tannery will not work with you to get your cape back, you still owe the shipping on the cape to ME. I have paid for it already. The he starts bitching about my price being high, I loled and said you need to look are quality shops and see what other high quality shops charge. then came the words.

    I DONT CARE ABOUT QUALITY You are $150.00 higher than the other guy. Theother guy said there is no way you could have done much to my deer by now.

    So I showed him the shipping bill ad the tannery invoice for the 20 capes, and said Yes BULL Chit walks and action talks.
    Take your horns leave and when the cape comes back you can having if you pay the other $50.00

    I started a policy where as if I do 20 minutes work on someones project, I am billing it out as an hour, just like a lawyer.