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Fleshing help.

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by K.N Fish Taxidermy, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. K.N Fish Taxidermy

    K.N Fish Taxidermy Kenneth Newton Phone#804-867-7736

    Okay. I finally have a deer to do. I am also working on red fox. So far I have skinned the whitetail and fox out. I have started fleshing the deer hide. I turned the ears out all the way to the tip/edge. I removed all the meat on the ear cartilage. I have been skinning the large areas with this knife. Worked great. Got all the large areas fleshed. http://www.mckenziesp.com/450028-P11914C1849.aspx Now I am having issues when it comes to the turning of the eyes mostly the tear duct and the lips. I was able to split the lips no problem but its killing me when I try to flesh them. I am so worried about making holes. I originally started using this knife but it was not working well. http://www.mckenziesp.com/VK2-P11931C1849.aspx I am just really worried about cutting to much of the interior nostril skin off. I guess I will have to just get in there and start doing it. I just bought some razor blades and the little holder to try and flesh with. Like in the Helping Hand Hangers videos. They make it look so easy. I put the deer cape back in the freezer because I was getting frustrated. Didn't make any holes yet except in the first ear on the back side. Other than that there are no holes yet. Its just that I am really getting nervous about the tear duct. How do you guys get it skinned out so well? These hides are green by the way not in color lol. I am going to thaw it out again and am going to give it another shot. Now the fox. I have removed all the bones in the paws up to the last joint of each finger. I have just skinned it and rinsed it in cold water then rolled it up and put it back in the freezer to flesh later. Now where the largest pad on the paw is. On the inside there is a fatty like tissue. Does this all have to be completely removed before tanning? I plan on using Krowtan. I have also heard that the membrane needs to be removed on the deer. How do you know when you have completely removed it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Mike Powell

    Mike Powell Well-Known Member

    I use an exacto knife for most of my detail fleshing. You need to flesh as much as you can, but you'll have better luck finishing your fleshing after soaking in the Krowtan or after the pickle bath if you use another tanning product. The pickle (or Krowtan solution) will plump the skin up a little and make shaving or fleshing easier. It gets easier with practice, but it is a lot of work. You don't want to take shortcuts here though. Flesh it all out and shave the hide as thin as you can with the tools you have.

  3. Hoosiertaxman

    Hoosiertaxman Papa's Pride & Joy

    Relax, if this is your first deer you're going to cut some holes in it. When you first went to school and learned to spell did you not misspell any words? In math did you not get any wrong answers? Taxidermy is a learning process and your not going to learn everything on your first deer. Hell, I been doing it for ten years and I'm still learning. If this cape your working on is special, keep it frozen and practice fleshing the eyes and noses on some doe capes. I myself prefer to flesh with razor blades like in Tazz's video, but to each his own. Keep watching the videos and keep practicing.
  4. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I cut holes in faces all the time, I just sew them up. Been doing it for ten years, the world still turns, and I do not lose any sleep over it. It takes practice, so don't freak out over the first one, or the second one, or the third one,,,,,,,,,
  5. rogerswildlife

    rogerswildlife Rogers Wildlife Taxidermy Tommy Rogers

    If you are going to use krowtan just remove fat and red meat and turn every thing wash off in cold water to get dirt/blood out then put in the tan . do you fleshing after it will be easyer to shave off . as far as the tear duct i put my finger in the there so i can tell how much to shave off .same with the nose . the fox you can remove the fat in the pad before or after the krowtan but its got to be removed. hope this helps you. I use a skiffknife to flesh the face . good luck......Tommy
  6. K.N Fish Taxidermy

    K.N Fish Taxidermy Kenneth Newton Phone#804-867-7736

    Re: Fleshing help.

    Thanks a lot guys for the advice.


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  7. ShastaDonegan

    ShastaDonegan Lets start with ridiculous and move backwards.

    You will do great Ken...just keep at it!
  8. kuzzinnitt

    kuzzinnitt New Member

    im with these guys, everybody makes mistakes, the true artist knows how to fix them so nobody else notices them. just keep at it. i too like using razor blades for shaving around the eyes,nose and lips.
  9. Duckslayr

    Duckslayr Active Member

    Do yourself a favor and buy a box of 22 scalpel blades and a handle. Lay the skin over the pointer finger of your off hand as you flesh. Your finger will help you gauge depth, and if you do cut a hole you will know to stop immediately !:). Wear latex gloves to give a little buffer. Good luck.
  10. K.N Fish Taxidermy

    K.N Fish Taxidermy Kenneth Newton Phone#804-867-7736

    Re: Fleshing help.

    Lots of awesome advice! Thanks so much guys!

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  11. when you get back to the eye's, make sure you get these glands out from behind the eye lashes. If you don't they'll shrink up badly. I never had much luck using the knives, #22 blades work pretty well, try a skife around the ducts works great. good luck and keep at it.

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  12. Turkeyjim, thats a great pic of how far to go when splitting eye lids. Jared Greens advice about useing your finger to judge the pepth of your cut is also very good advice.Personaly i use a scalple myself(#22).
  13. Bruledrift

    Bruledrift Active Member

    Low T said it well, you learn to not get frustrated or upset WHEN, you cut a hole. You need to just need to learn to work around the hole so you don't make it bigger and move on. They are easiy to fix and are by no means anything to blow up over. My neighbor wanted to skin and flesh and do a mount for himself. He brought it over and was all worked up. He just said well, I may as well through it in the garbage, I butcherd the ear so bad that it can't be fixed. I took it and looked at it, oh boy it was bad LOL, an said it can be fixed. I mounted it on the form gluing and sewing where needed and you can't even tell. Just don't get frustrated and push through. I don't mean you can just start wacking away at. LOL, try and be as carful as you can and don't worry about cutting it.
  14. K.N Fish Taxidermy

    K.N Fish Taxidermy Kenneth Newton Phone#804-867-7736

    Re: Fleshing help.

    Thanks so much guys! Awesome photo! I can't thank you enough for all the great advice.


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  15. IMHO what makes you a pro is being able to fix anything that you screw up. So if you mess up look at it as a learning opportunity.
  16. hunterray2002

    hunterray2002 http://www.finandfoto.com

    Run the wire wheel and benchgrinder.
  17. K.N Fish Taxidermy

    K.N Fish Taxidermy Kenneth Newton Phone#804-867-7736

    Ok guys I have the fox in the krowtan. Its been in there for 4 days now. Its cold here in the 40's. There is still some pink spots on the hide. Shouldn't it all have turned white now? How long can I leave it in there. It hasn't really changed that much except it has gotten little firmer around the face. I mixed it to the proportions this website said. http://krowtann.com/krowtann_instructions.htm I followed the directions. Is the cold affecting it? Thanks for any help!