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Tannery or Me?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Recdec1, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Maybe its just me or the photos dont show it well.

    But it looks to me like--- breaks from a salted hide shipped and beat around in a box with the face exposed and they cracked while salt dried in shipping and tanning finished off the damage.

    Was your face completely tucked in the inside of the skin when shipped ?

    Like I said quality of pic might be fooling me but dosent look like shaving cuts to me on my computer.

    Something to look into anyway. ;)
  2. LOL

  3. Fishslayer,

    Yes sir the face is fold inside my hides. I also take care to never fold them past the ears as I realize the skin is that face must be handled gently. I agree that it is something to look into. Honestly when I looked at the first cape that came out of the box, I thought "what can I do to make sure this does not happen". When I called the tannery and spoke to the owner, he said that I do very well prepping my capes. I asked him if what I needed to change anything that I was doing and he simply said "nope". With that said, I will take you advice and will continue to be vigilant in the manner in which I prep, dry, fold my capes prior to shipping.

    The other crazy thing is, I have been using these guys for a couple years now doing things the same way, and till now had no real issues. Thanks again for advice. Jeremy
  4. 2.5 hrs to turn and flesh? My guess is that you are getting the face area too thin and perfect. Final thinning in the face area should be done by YOU after you get the tanned hide back. Quit blaming the tannery. That face cracked in the salt drying stage.
  5. Please don't take this as argumentative, but rather as clarification. So you are saying that I am getting the lip are to clean? I split them all the way out and remove all the red meat from the skin. Up till now I thought that was what I should be striving for. Should I be leaving some meat near the lips? As for thinning, I don't do any thinning until the day that I mount the deer. Usually with a skiving knife around eyes and nostrils. As for me blaming the tannery, I titled the post "Tannery or Me". There was no intent to blame anyone, even though since the beginning of this thread, and me sending pic to the tannery owner in an attempt to figure out where the problem was taking place at which he said was do to his guy over thinning before hitting the tumbler. Lastly, you said it cracked in the salt drying stage. Are you saying that it happened before I shipped them.

    I guess in the end, if there is something I should be doing different to prevent this from happening, I would change whatever it is in a second!
  6. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Respectively disagree. We flesh the face clean enough to DP it if we wanted to, then salt dry, and ship. We do not get cracked anything back for the tanner. A thin lip skin dry tanned will most defiantly get broken off in the tumbler.