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Grand Opening Hunting Preserve

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by redneckhunter, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. redneckhunter

    redneckhunter New Member

    I just want to say I apologize in advance if I have posted in the wrong category. I just want to let everyone know me an my family have bought a old hunting preserve and we just want to give everyone a Lifetime rememorable hunt with hardly any cost. We are new to the business an our hunts will start march the first. Since we are new to the business an want to do the best we can to make sure everyone has a fun hunt of a lifetime we are only charging $450 for hog hunts or ram hunts. We have many many more species to hunt just to many to list. Just call or email for details. This information will be at the end of this post. However I am sorry no African animals. Just a little about our hunts from the moment you arrive till you depart we are here to serve you hand and foot. We have a spacious lodge an 3 home cooked meals per day. Our hunts are on 1500 acres I promise you this is not a walk in an pop it hunt. Here you actually hunt. All hunts are fully guided an includes cleaning. skinning, and quartering of your trophy. Our goal is to cater to your hunt needs and make this a unforgettable hunt. We are located in the breath taken blue ridge mountains of Tennessee nestled away on the head of Watauga lake. I'm sorry this is very unorganized please just bear with us. Anything we can do better please let us know. Feel Free to email us at [[email protected]] Or on this website. Or you can just give us a call at (423) -768-0176 if no answer the best time to reach us there at the lodge is from 6pm till 11pm. Website coming soon. Thanks Morefield Family

  2. You may want to post some pics of your operation. I have several clients that go every year and always look for something new. Email sent.
  3. Yea I go every spring I would like a species list and some specifics feel free to email me

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  4. bigt46

    bigt46 Member

    I sent for info. too, haven't gotten a response yet.
  5. ShastaDonegan

    ShastaDonegan Lets start with ridiculous and move backwards.

    Interested in axis and fallow and even sika pricing.
  6. Is there a website we can see? Really interested in the hog hunts for a client/friend. I need to see at least some specs on the hunts.
  7. nickstax

    nickstax New Member

    sent e mail. post some pics if you can. have some people looking for hogs to hunt
  8. redneckhunter

    redneckhunter New Member

    Ok Im sorry if i havent emailed anybody back yet just have been very busy trying to get everything done. We are trying to get a website up and running. Just alittle bit more about the hunt it is a 3 day hunt and you can use any weapon of your choice except a knife or spear. Last but not least we will be uploading some pics of everything here in a day or to. If you have any questions Please call me at (423)-768-0176 Thanks
  9. I am very interested in a hunt. Whenever your website is up and running, I will be giving you a call. You know the situation. This is a very important hunt.
  10. I may be interested also. Just marking and waiting for more info.
  11. engc237

    engc237 Active Member

    marking also
  12. big buck 222

    big buck 222 "You can't make chicken soup out of chicken S--T!"

  13. Joey Arender

    Joey Arender big mouth alert

    Has anyone heard anything from this. Thought I would book something for my son to give them a try but I can't reach anyone at the number nor will he return PMs.
  14. You know what they say.... "If it sounds to good to be true........"
  15. jsmith

    jsmith New Member

    I spoke with tyler earlier today about booking a hunt for my four family members. he did tell me he was extremely busy trying to finish up all stands and blinds and getting ready for the opening.
  16. At the risk of sounding rude, there will be no need to hang stands if you don't communicate with people. The longer this drags out the less reliable you look. If you come on here looking for business, you need to be prepared to handle your business. Just a thought.