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any brits

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by dan1dan, May 13, 2007.

  1. dan1dan

    dan1dan New Member

    could i just say what a great forum this is i was just wondering if there any british taxidermist on and i keep hearing the word dawn soap is that the same as fairy liquid in the uk
  2. webster

    webster Well-Known Member

    Not a Brit, but can tell you what Dawn Soap is...

    It's a dishwashing detergent, acknowledged for its grease cutting capabilities. Has been even used to remove crude oil from sea birds...

  3. dan1dan

    dan1dan New Member

    thank you webster i will try it
  4. It is the SAME brand name is just "Fary Ultra" in the UK !
  5. im in the east midlands uk..... just use fairy liquid it works well....................steve.
  6. shunaphil

    shunaphil New Member

    hi dan, i'm in scotland - its a great site - you can learn an awful lot here

    Just use fairy liquid - works perfectly

    PS - join the uk guild of taxidermists at www.taxidermy.org.uk if you haven't already - it will also help you a lot, especially with the legal side of things