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Anybody know what happened to Arizona Taxidermy Artist Association

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by boarzhead, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. boarzhead

    boarzhead God created man... Samuel Colt made them equal!

    Trying to goto thier website but it goes to poker site?
  2. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    It's probably Kirby's way of saying that everyone that shows up to the show suck at poker. So he posted a link to teach everyone before they head over there and donate their money to him at the card table. Ha Ha.

  3. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

  4. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)


    I am no longer doing the website for the ATAA. I informed them last year that when it expired on July 26, 2012 I would no longer be doing it.

    I have no control over that domain name since it expired.

    Although I am a member of the ATAA, I am not and have never been on the board. I did go to the Conventions page here on taxi.net and found the dates for this year (2013) with the location, otherwise I have not heard anything else than what was posted on taxi.net. If not for looking there, I would have never known.

    You would have to ask a board member about a website or show information......and when you find out.....let me know.


  5. boarzhead

    boarzhead God created man... Samuel Colt made them equal!

    Thank you. I will hunt one down and post it when i find an answer
  6. coues_deer

    coues_deer New Member

    infighting! a few years ago they changed the bylaws so the organization was "for the children" not for the professional taxidermist, most of us left. This was originally set up to promote the professional taxidemist, that has all changed.
    Kirby to my knowledge just asked for the hosting fees to be covered, he did the rest for free and did a great job. He was told no so it expired. I lined up a volunteer to take over but they cannot meet to get anything resolved. Current board members want change but nothing is being allowed by the ruling party. Too Bad good group
  7. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)

    For the record......

    **Kirby to my knowledge just asked for the hosting fees to be covered**

    For the record I was only reimbursed for the hosting fees for the first 2 years.....after that I paid THAT out of my pocket for the past several years. That was not an issue as I know a lot of board members put a lot of time and effort into the organization and doing the website for free was my way of contributing. I never had an issue with the board about the website. I did it for free plus I paid for the hosting. Last year I informed the President that I would no longer be doing the website. It was up and running for 6 weeks (before it expired) after notifying them to allow them to find someone else to do the website. This way all the information would not be lost. I have no idea what the board decided to do about the website.

    Last year was our smallest show in recent years that I can remember. Why? I have no idea.

    Also since I have been doing the website I also have been taking the pictures at the show. Right after the 2011 show I notified the President that I would not be taking pictures for the 2012 show. A year's notice. In 2012 when I showed up at the show I was asked why I wasn't taking any pictures..............................


  8. gtout

    gtout Member

    The Arizona Taxidermy Artists Association is alive, if a bit bruised. The show will go on thanks to the dedication of the Board. As in all organizations, a few do the work, while many benefit. This is nothing unique to Arizona, unfortunately it happens in most organizations where the work is done by volunteers. People get tired and burned out.

    We do not currently have a web site. Kerby faithfully took care of it for years, as he does for several other organizations. We have not had any volunteers step up to take care of it. We did have someone volunteer to get paid for doing it. But at this point it does not exist. And, not all taxidermy associations have one. We certainly hope to have one in the near future.

    The ATAA had severe financial problems for several years and through hard work, a lot of "out of pocket" payments, and dedication to "getting it done", we have managed to get the organization just in to a workable financial situation. We can afford to put on a show and have working expenses for a year. We aren't rolling in dough, though..

    My suggestion to the critics, is get involved. Unless you are an active member you really have no say in the matter. We have been trying to teach others to take over the Board positions so there is a knowledgable group to take the reins. Many people have no idea what it takes to put on a show. There is much to consider and it can be even harder on a budget. It is a thankless task. If someone wants my job, just let me know! In the mean time, roll up your sleeves and join us! Instead of tearing us down, help build us up!

    You can contact me, Gail Tout, at 520-790-1054 or Terry Johnson at 480-748-3664