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shaver for a lefty

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by hounddoggy, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy Member

    dont really understand why left handed models of shavers are not offered. I am very left handed and so far ive only found one company that will build me a lefty. Ive heard the arguments telling us lefties to just learn to do it that way. ofcourse these are right handed people saying this. im sure there are some lefties who have adapted but im not interested in doing anything right handed. i have zero cordination with my right hand and have messed around with a shaver right handed.

    if anyone knows ofa company that will build one for a lefty let me know please still shopping
  2. On my old monarch model all you have to do is flip the blade. Guards are the same length both sides.

  3. The Ojibwa

    The Ojibwa Member

    Maybe try Keith Daniels...I'm a lefty and while I had no prior experience on a shaver, it was quite easy for me to use. He suggested that I just learn the "right" way and it was easy enough. After all I learned how to use a drinking fountain, computer mouse, shake hands, etc. I'm sure you could do it too.

    It seems to me that he may be the guy to help you out. He's on this site.
  4. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama New Member

    X2 samething with a Rawhide.
  5. rancar5760

    rancar5760 New Member

    Check out our web site fleshingmachine.com for a testimonial from Justin on the S&S flesher that we built for him which is a left hand model.
  6. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy Member

    never realized the possibility of simply flipping the blade over. s and s will build it and i want that machine but im also adding on to workshop this year and im not sure how far the budget will budge. thanks guys
  7. not a hundred percent, but I'm fairly certain my eager beaver machine all you'd have to do is flip the blade as well.
  8. www.fleshingmachine.com
  9. rancar5760

    rancar5760 New Member

    My dear friends anyone can simply turn the blade around which will only cause more problems with sluff getting into the v belt and causing slippage.

    As machine builders we can build the S&S Flesher as a mirror reverse of the standard left to right configuration.

    We can build whatever the customer desires.

    But don't take my word for it checkout Justins comments on our web site fleshingmachine.com
  10. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    One ething I despise in sarcasm and posting is when someone posts something, and then recants..."I was kidding bro" or comments like that. I call it the hit and run. I edited a bit from last nights excahnge, and we shall leave it at that.

    Back to the topic...folks, if someone comments on the product as a user, dont take the comments as personal attacks, even though youd are biased toward your own product, understandably, try to see it as helpful. To those commenting, please be aware of how the other would feel, too.

    As for lefties, Ive often said that our best taxidermists learn a very ambidextorous style. If a person is learning a shaving machine, left or right shouldnt matter. Its not a true right handed method, if you understand what I mean. Good luck to all, hope you find what youre looking for...and no more exchanges ...anyone. Thanks!