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STOLEN - Have You Seen This Buck?

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by djkozora, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. djkozora

    djkozora New Member

    http://www.facebook.com/BladeBuck (PLEASE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK)

    My name is Dennis Kozora. On November 26, I legally shot and tagged this buck on private property. Eye witnesses, text messages and emails confirm this fact.

    On November 28 at 9:30 PM, my Dad and I dropped the buck off at Wrights Deer Processing, 136 Wylie Rd., Saxonburg, Pennsylvania to be caped and processed. Wrights Deer Processing assigned me deer tag #545. When I contacted them by phone regarding the status of tag #545, they said they did NOT have the cape or horns for my buck. They said the cape and horns are missing. After several follow-up conversations, it is clear the cape and horns have been stolen. Wrights Deer Processing is responsible for “losing” the cape and horns.

    According to the Game Commission, the cape and horns are personal property and therefore a police matter. According to Sgt. Burford of the State Police, I cannot file a police report because Wrights Deer Processing is responsible for reporting the matter to the police. The State Police said I had to file a civil claim with the local magistrate. I am currently pursuing civil action against Wrights Deer Processing with the local magistrate.

    Recovery of this trophy buck’s cape and horns is extremely important to me and my family. While this is not the biggest buck in the woods, it is the biggest and oldest buck we’ve shot in the 40 years we’ve owned this private property. This trophy buck represents years of hard work and preparation with my Dad.

    My Dad is my best friend and my hunting mentor. There is a five year history with this buck between my Dad and me. My Dad suffered a stroke and endured a 2nd open heart surgery relating to a rare birth defect impacting his heart valve. Successfully harvesting this buck has helped our family cope with these changes. However, given it has been stolen, it has now become a new source of stress for our family.

    If you have ANY information regarding the whereabouts of this cape and horns, PLEASE contact us:

    210-279-8346 or 724-352-1928
    Email: [email protected]


    Kind Regards
    Dennis Kozora
  2. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)


  3. djkozora

    djkozora New Member


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  4. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member


    Here's a better view of the most unique angle. (I copied and pasted your FB photo.)
    I hope you get it back. This one is going to be hard to disguise.
  5. AsylumArtwork

    AsylumArtwork Instagram @AsylumArtwork

    Wow, that's awful! Hope you get it back!! Wishing the best for you and your family :)

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  6. djkozora

    djkozora New Member

    Thanks Nancy C. For some reason I was not allowed to attach large images.
  7. Rick Carter

    Rick Carter Administrator

    A tough situation for everybody. The processor has nothing to gain but a lot to lose. It is a neat looking deer with good antlers but it is not a "great deer". The market for the deer is not worth stealing to most people. The Deer was most likely stolen by someone the Processor trusts or either a customer who had the opportunity. Threatening the owners with lawsuits at this time may only serve to drive them into deeper defensive mode when they already don't know what to do. Go have a civil and open heart to heart with them without making any threats or demands. Ask the manager to look back at the deer that were brought in that day and see if anyone stands out as a suspect.Have him tell the employees and any suspects that the police know who did it and an arrest will be made soon. Get the word out that if the antlers mysteriously show up at the processor that you will be happy to call off everything and let it go. Civil actions may get you some money but you still won't have your antlers. I had a rack stolen from my studio 25 years ago and the plan I shared with you worked. I later found out who did it. He lied the entire time.

    BEAVERS New Member

  9. I suggest that you call your sheriff instead of just 911 and explain the problem.
  10. That is a stunning rack. I am in western NY; not too far away. I'll keep my eyes open on Craigslist (I like to scope that out often without buying anything.)
  11. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    When I see a post like this my ears (eyes) perk up. As a replicator, I know many collectors of fine bone. Although a good buck for you to harvest, not a great buck as Rick said. The market for it is not high. However, the buck does have some unique characteristics. The one thing about thief's, they rarely keep their mouths shut. A friend once had a buck stolen that was known as the "star" buck. It had a drop tine and on the bottom of the drop was 5 points that looked like a star. It was in Missouri. It took some years but this guy sent a mailer to all collectors he could think of. One day a guy from Texas called him and said: I think I have your rack. He said if looks just like the rack in your flyer you mailed out. My friend drove to Texas and sure enough it was his rack. They worked out a deal and he got his rack back. Someone stole it from his house, sold it to someone else and no telling how many people's hands it went through, but it was back home.

    So, with that said. Someone knows about this rack. I would post it everywhere. In the newspaper and so on. Someone will sing. I almost guarantee it, but you have to really advertise it. Offer a reward of some sort. Be be out there with it. put posters on telephone poles. Let everybody know it was stolen, and don't blame the processing plant. Even if someone from there took it, his co-worker will snitch him out.

    Good Luck I hope you get your rack back.
  12. djkozora

    djkozora New Member

    @Rich and @antlerman Thank you for the advice. I am actively trying ALL of your recommendations(especially trying to talk to him in civil manner). I have calmly and respectfully requested their assistance to find the perpetrators. The processor has done nothing to date to help and is unwilling to help. Specifically, on the day I found out, I requested the processor contact the small group of people (customers/employees) who visited his facility in that window of time. He refused to help. I agree with you, accusing people will get me know where. The reality is, I have not accused anyone of stealing the horns(how can I, I have no idea who did it). I have only provided the information which might help locate the horns. The last known where-abouts of the cape and horns was in Wrights Deer Processing's possession.

    IF my cape and horns were safely returned, I would be willing to make concessions.

    In regards to the size of the horns, yes, this is NOT the biggest deer in the woods. I appreciate what you are saying. During the season, we had encounters and trail camera photos of bigger ones (most avid hunters probably had similar experiences). It simply does NOT matter to me whether someone values my horns over other horns. For my area of the country, this is a trophy. More importantly, its a trophy because it reflects the hard work and dedication my hunting mentor(dad) and I have put into hunting. This was the oldest buck shot on our private property in 40 years. At the end of the day, the horns have been stolen because they are valuable.

    @kirk33 - The police have no jurisdiction. According to the State Police (I've had numerous phone conversations with them), only the processor can file a police report because they were in possession of the cape and horns when they were stolen. Per the State Police, my only course of action is to pursue civil action against the processor (especially since they are unwilling to help).

    On this forum and others, its disturbing to me to learn of so many stolen horn stories. Most avid hunters never expect it to happen to them.

    Thank You for your advice and feedback!!!

  13. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Dennis, I think you may be misreading what we are trying to say about the size of your antlers. Not that they are less than a desirable trophy, that's not what we're saying. What we're saying is......that the people who collect antlers would not find them as valuable as a collectors piece. Meaning, the circulation of them amongst the collector world would be minimal making it hard to think any of those guys would be in the market for them ie, lessening their exposure, therefore perhaps making them harder to find.. my bet is they are somewhere close by.
  14. What an awesome buck! I do hope you get him back!

    A lot of times people steal to sell so my dad has had his landscaping equipment stolen while working in bad areas.
    But thankfully he has found them again more often than not due to the items being listed on eBay or by word of mouth.
    (Silly, silly thieves. I appreciate their big mouths, haha.)

    Anyway, he talks to the person about seeing the item, checks it out in person, and if it's his, he calls the cops.
    And he always makes sure to have clear proof! (With those pictures you have, that's good.)

    Good luck in getting it back!
  15. I would be really heated :( Who knows how many others' racks could've disappeared? it could have been a customer too. It's sad all around, and makes me glad that my family cuts up its own deer.
  16. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    I'll keep an eye out on eBay, on there pretty much every day