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Newby Taxidermist Airbrush Options?

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by FowlWeather, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. FowlWeather

    FowlWeather New Member

    Hi All,
    First off I just wanted to say what an awesome and informative site you all have here! I have a couple small projects that have been my intro to taxidermy and wildlife art including a bull caribou euro mount and a flying drake mallard that I am currently trying to finish up to the best of my new found abilities ::) I ordered a pre-painted cast head being that I'm not setup for painting at the moment. When the head got here I noticed right away how bright yellow it was, lacked any green highlights and wasn't detailed black on the underside. At almost $30 a pop per painted head and the color being off I have decided to invest in a high quality airbrush set and hopefully further my skills as a budding taxidermist. My goal here is to get some feedback on what to buy? Projects I will need it for include Waterfowl, I have 4 more beauty drake Mallards, a couple full plumage Green Wing Teal drakes, a Ring-necked drake. Also I have a nice black bear from this last spring I will attempt a shoulder mount on and a 3x3 Blacktail to also be shoulder mounted. I have also made a deal with the local bird rescue to mount any of their deceased birds ie eagles, owls, hawks etc for educational pieces and some good practice with hard to find species! So what airbrush setup do you recommend? Cost is not an issue as I would really like to spare myself the trial and error process of sifting through junk if I can help it. Love to hear what you all have to say! Thanks in advance!
  2. The Ojibwa

    The Ojibwa Member

    Check out Badger airbrushes...I bought the Krome which set me back a pretty penny but it has made my quality improve 10 fold. I hear a lot of guys on here use some of the "cheaper" models like the Velocity. I used a Paasche for quite some time and didn't know what I was missing. www.webairbrushes.com

    The only issue is that you must be VERY careful with the airbrush at all times because there are some tiny parts...but the performance is worth it.

  3. FowlWeather

    FowlWeather New Member

    Thanks for the info! I've yet to read up on the Badger line but I will check them out. I have looked into the Paasche models and found the reviews to be pretty mixed as far as quality. Any insight on Iwata? I was thinking possibly the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, I can pick one up locally for $160 plus tax. It says the spray pattern is hairline to 2" with a .35mm nozzle so would it be safe to say this would be a good buy for painting waterfowl and big game?
    Thanks again for any insight!
  4. idbatman

    idbatman Active Member

    You know ... I used that double action Aztec for a long time . I learned on it and you can get by with one for most things . The price is right on them and if you keep them clean they work OK. There are a lot of tricks to make it do what you want.
    But ......I upgraded to an Iwata Eclipse . I would recemend it to anyone and I believe it would be hard to find a better brush.
  5. finazducks

    finazducks EJ is not the only one to have two Wasco Awards

    You may want to invest in a waterfowl finishing manual and some Painting DVD's
  6. James Parrish

    James Parrish Tundra Swan...Its What's For Dinner!

    After using both Iwata and Paasche brushes for a long time, I switched to Badger Renegade brushes. I could not be happier with their performance and they are on the lower end cost-wise. I would also recommend ordering a PAC valve to allow you to control the air pressure right at the brush. I have ordered from Blue Ribbon Taxidermy Supply with great service and Chicago Airbrush Supply. Chicago Airbrush Supply has the best prices I have seen and they were really helpful on the phone when I called to make sure I ordered everything I needed fitting-wise.

  7. I have had the Paasche Millenium for going on 15 years. I bought it when I was painting decoys for competition, and it made the world of difference. The person whom taught me decoy carving was the World Champion and he highly recommended a dual action airbrush for the ease of operation. The Millenium was his recommendation and I haven't had any complaints. I use it for birds, mammals and decoys and it's functional with all of them.
  8. FowlWeather

    FowlWeather New Member

    Thanks for all your replies. I gotta say I never knew airbrushes came in soo many varieties and styles. The past couple weeks of reading and investigating what to buy has been a total learning curve. After running around to a couple different stores I ended up buying the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS from KMS tools for $160.00. From what I gather this is supposed to be a good all around taxidermy airbrush. I decided to buy a Rolair "hot dog" 1.5 gallon compressor 4.0 cfm at 100psi. It has a pressure regulator at the air output. I grabbed a 20' Flexilla hose to run from the compressor to the airbrush hose and a secondary inline pressure regulator/ water trap made by Paasche R-75. I got to setting up the new bench and airbrushing setup and realized the guy sold me a Paache hose for the Iwata airbrush...hopefully can get the correct hose or fitting tomorrow.

    I'm not sure about the secondary pressure regulator/ water filter. Like I said above it is the Paasche R-75. I was planning on having it in between my 20' Flexilla hose and the airbrush hose but then it would be slightly in the way and possibly be a pain. Anyone else use a setup like this that would have some helpful hints? Maybe theres an alternate regulator/water filter system that works well for you? Will my air supply be clean enough with the one the compressor has on it? I'm full of questions so again thanks to all for your help!

    Once I get things setup I will post some pics of my greenhorn table ;)
    Thanks again