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form for 185 lb 9 point. wall pics included

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Panhandler801, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. I do want to give him some form numbers that I. Like and then let him pick right form for my deer
  2. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    Rollin' the dice!
    An offset or wall ped will have a great presence in that space.

  3. I like the 6500 idea, or a Matt Thompson form 8500.
  4. Yeah... Thin I'm goon to request offset, right. Just need to decide semi upright or semi sneak. From there just turn him lose.
  5. itsslow98

    itsslow98 New Member

    I prefer the 6900 series and that deer has medium hair so you should be able to see some good muscle definition with that form. It also shows more of the chest which is cool IMO
  6. buckman170

    buckman170 Member

    Mears off set sweep would look great. Congrats on a great buck.
  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    "ONLY 185????" LOL. That's a big whitetail anywhere. There's not a helluva lot of difference in a "semi-sneak" and a "semi-upright" and I prefer either to any upright. Wall pedestals are becoming a gimmick and I don't see any advantage other than to the taxidermist who prefers them in the space you're going to hang it. The 6900 or the 6500 classics will work fine.

    I git a chuckle out if the Bill Lancaster comment. Bill ain't the Lone Ranger and every sculptor out there claims HIS are more correct than all the others.
  8. I said, "Only 185" because we've got so many guys on here that deal with 225+ mid west ag deer, canadian deer, etc.

    That being said, this is one of the things that has kept me away form the 6900. I have told my guy that I want semi-uipright, right face, offset shoulder.

    He suggested teh 6900, but I can't stand that hump on the molds right (if he's facing right) shoulder. I have searched the forum and realize that there are mixed feeling about this: "We're so used to looking at dead deer we'll settle for anything" VS "In real life it's there." I don't care for it and I don't think my guy is going to get into doing much carving / shaving / reshaping of the mold.

    Funny... I have no problem with him putting a new antler on his left G3, but I don't want him beefing up this South Alabama whitetail to the point that it looks like a Kansas deer on sterioids. I have told him this and am just going to let the chips fall where they may.

    Problem is, I've done so much pestering at this point, that I don't think he's comfortable selecting a form without my approval, so I'm definitely involved now.

    Last night he came BACK to the 8400. Which in a lot of research I just have mixed feelings about. I've seen some jobs that I love, and others I'm just not wild about.

    I still have at least a week before he orders the form, so there's still time to think about it.

    Also learned one thing last night that was reassuring: I've never really seen his work, but pretty much had to use him do to land owner / taxidermist relationship. When he quoted me, I was almost relieved to hear a price inline for this area. Had it been in the gutter I would have been even more worried. Then I got to thinking, well maybe I'll still get a turd, but will have just paid more for it. However, he sent me a picture of 6 that he has in final stages right now on the wall, plus he has mine, and he said in this past week he's received... I think he said 30 more. EIther 30 more, or he's at 30. Anyway, I don't think that many folks around his area would be dropping average to high price on his work if it wasn't pretty good. He also has a full time job and no advertisement. Hopefully I'll get a pretty deer out of the deal.

    Pretty excited. Good news is I got in right ahead of this last rush, so he said I should have mine in 3-4 months. I think the wait will be half the fun and finally putting my hands on him again will be a thrill in and of itself.

    Anyway, I know there are mixed feelikngs about the 8400, but right now I think he and I are both kind of leaning that way.

    I just don't want to push him (which I may have already done, and now he's fearful to practice his trade) into a particular mold that either he's not comfortable with, or one that he knows won't do justice to the measurements / shape / musculature of that particular deer that he has in front of him.

    Thanks for all yall's help and I'll be sure to keep monitoring this thread and will of course post up the final product once I have it hung up.

    OH... one more battle... wife wants plaque.... I do not. We'll see on that too.
  9. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I don't like the "tumor" on the neck either. That's why I have a keyhole saw and Farriers rasp. I discourage plaques. They set the animal off as being "nailed to a board" and they NEVER match the wood of your house.
  10. It only takes a taxi about 2 minutes to knock the hump off of the 6900 and take it down to a more presentable look. That is what I do with the ones I mount on. I don't like that hump on there either but I do like the 6900 form. Good luck. :)
  11. Roger that. At the same time, I'm not the taxidermist and I really don't want to tell my guy what form to build on and tell him where to shave and what not.

    I just feel like I'm better off telling hime what I'm looking for and then let him run with it. I've already micro-managed more than I should with this guy.

    Interesting though that so many folks like the 6900 if it weren't for the hump.

    Oh, and I heard from the Taxidermist today, and the deer is 21" around the neck at the head! Chubby little booger!
  12. Next week sometime I get my deer! He wanted to send me a picture before finish work, but I requested that he not. Pretty excited. My first one for the wall!