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searched but cant find. Fixing deer ear holes

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by mtbehm, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. mtbehm

    mtbehm New Member

    Tried searching the forms but douldn't find anything, maybe I didn't search the right words or something but anyways I am working on my first mount and one of the ears has about a quarter sized hole right in the middle of the inner side of the ear. What is the best way to go about fixing it. Sew it before I put the earliners in or try glueing it together once it is on the earliners? Not real sure that sewing it would work because there is very little/no hair where the cut is at so looking for help from someone experienced with this. Thanks alot, Matt
  2. jbconnected

    jbconnected Member

    Something must be up with the search engine. The first time I searched I got a no matches message.



  3. Ted B

    Ted B Active Member

    If it were me, I would I would dry fit my liner to see if you can close the hole together without sewing (or see how close it will come together). If it will close up neatly I would mount it up without sewing and use a good glue to hold everything in place while it dries. Clean any glue out of the hair before it sets hard.
  4. SeMoRiverRat

    SeMoRiverRat New Member

    X2 what Ted said, if the hole is on the inner part of the ear with the white hair I usually turn the ear inside out and use a small piece of dryer sheet and super glue to pull the pieces of skin back together. This has hid it well and blended it seamlessly for me in the past.
  5. mtbehm

    mtbehm New Member

    Sounds like a great idea. Ill try doing this and see how it works for me. Thanks
  6. Bruledrift

    Bruledrift Active Member

    Ya, I'm going to be putting one up this weekend that had a sort of fresh antler punch and rip in the one ear. This one is from about middle of the ear and ripped out to the edge. I may have to sew this one. I'll have to think about it, I may try a shaved peice of skin and super glue, or just apoxie it. Damn deer had been fighting so much that there are like reddish round bruse looking spots all over the thing. I was worried that it didn't take the tan.
  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Dryer sheets work but they're not your best choice. They're too porous and they cure stiff.

    When I have a big tear, I invert the ear and I put the opposite earliner into the ear. This gives you a great support surface and you can see how the ear will look.

    Then I shave the hide and retrieve a large sliver of shaved hide. I run a bead of superglue up ONE SIDE of the tear and lay the sliver over it. Superglue bonds flesh instantly. Once cured, I lift the flap and look underneath, I adjust the skin so that the tear is closed. Once the unglued side is positioned, I run a bead of glue down that side of the tear. I pull the sliver across and insure the gap is closed. Then I fold it down to contact the superglue. I cut off any excess. Now the tear is covered, hide paste won't leak through the sliver and it will remain pliable.

    White hair missing on the inside? Let the ear dry, paint the spot with clear epoxy and quckly set a cotton ball over it. Allow the epoxy to cure and then just pull off the cotton ball. Unless it's a BIG tear, you'll find the cotton fibers will mask the spot with "hair" of its own.
  8. JerseyJays

    JerseyJays Well-Known Member

    Where do you buy "clear"epoxy? I looked everywhere and all say "dry yellow" except one I found at auto zone. Said "clear". I used it on my skulls and it was clear for about a few months... Now, yellow.

    Just curious if they all turn yellow sooner or later or is there a place you've experimented with that has not yellowed over time and what the brand was or where I can buy it online?

  9. JerseyJays

    JerseyJays Well-Known Member

  10. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Epo-Grip sells 'Clear Paste
  11. Duckslayr

    Duckslayr Active Member

    If the hole is in a bare skin area of the inner ear, I like apoxie clay as a filler. Sand with fine grit when cured and paint as usual. Apoxie clay won't shine when painted. Blends very well. You can use it on the back side as well, make it look like a scar.
  12. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy Member

    wow those are great fixes using a piece of shaving scrap is free and may be the best fix ive heard of and the tip on inverting ear and using opposite liner now that is some thinking. THATS IMPRESSIVE! can definitely say ive learned something today. Thanks!