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Don't mean to rain on Jeremy's parade but I have a similar story to share.

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by doublegun, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. I'm 53 and have always wanted to kill a redhead. I haven't had a chance to duck hunt any 2013 but Friday my duck hunting buddy Kevin calls me up and says he is taking me out Sat and Sun closing weekend. He just acquired a new lab (Trigger) and has only been working with him for a month now. Sat he made some decent retrieves and as trained delivered all kills to my buddy. It was a rather slow day for hunting the small Texas pot hole we were on and we only took six ducks and a juve snow goose.
    Sunday he said we were going to run all his honey holes. A redhead wasn't even on my mind, I was actually looking for a nice mallard or woodie. Not many redheads on the Texas prairie.
    Sunday morning came and we went to a flooded flat in a rice field were past hunts this year produced some great mallard kills for him. Expectations were high. There were four of us lined about twenty feet apart down a rice levy in some brush. I was on the right end. The first bird in was a immature blue wing and I popped him at about twenty yards. The day was dawning and the birds just weren't coming. Finally a single came in from my right and I thought at the time it was a ringneck or scaup. He set in right in front of me and I dropped him with one shot. Trigger was ten feet out before he hit water, he made the retrieve and came straight to me. He hit the bank and dropped the bird behind me about four feet away and shook off. I wasn't looking as I reached for it and it was just out of my reach. Trigger picked it back up and walked up to me and put it in my hand. It wasn't until then that I saw what I had. I was blown away. We only had three ducks come in Sunday morning but if a thousand had came in it couldn't have been better than this.
    Through the day we jump shot a limit and I also took a beautiful widgeon trio and a couple of gadwall. But the redhead made my year for me.

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  2. Jim McNamara

    Jim McNamara Well-Known Member

    And you killed a nice one too! Mount that boy up! Just talking to a friend I hunt with today an made the comment " you never know what will come into the spread" . Congratulations !!

  3. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    No raining on my parade at all ;)....... That is sweet! Thanks for sharing your story and the pic
  4. I've always wanted to get a Pintail. The more I see these Reds though, the more I want one of them.
  5. Beautiful Redhead but I'm drooling over that side by side too !!
  6. DickGJ

    DickGJ Speak softly and carry a Big Stick!

    I'm just cringing over seeing that double gun laying on the ground/rocks...sure is a beautiful bird (and gun). I'm a huge fan of SXS and O/U's.