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Thaw it faster!!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by babowhunter, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. babowhunter

    babowhunter Man,I love this stuff!!

    Good day to everyone! I have a frozen wet tanned deer cape that i set out to thaw late last nite(forgot to set it out earlier) and it is not thawed out.I would really like to get mounting it so can i take and soak it in warm water to finish thawing it out?Thanks for your time!
  2. I wash all of my capes before I mount them. I would just take it to the laundry sink and run some slightly lukewarm water into the folds and slowly open it up. It will thaw out that way. After washing in Dawn I use the washing machine to spin out the water. Make sure to pick the dead ticks and bits of flesh and hair out of the washer when you are done. ;D


  3. babowhunter

    babowhunter Man,I love this stuff!!

    Hey thanks Bucknut! I figured a person could do that but just wanted to be sure....didn't want to mess up a nice tan and cape!
  4. bearrug48

    bearrug48 Active Member

    Good advice from buck nut. I do the same
  5. Sometimes I'll take a wet tan out in the am that I want to mount and I'll leave it wrapped in the bag and submerse it in a bucket of very warm water. When I get back from breakfast it's usually 90% thawed out, then I unwrap it and wash it and I'm ready to prep.
  6. I would leary of the water temp, depending on how it was tanned.
  7. I use McKenzie tanning methods and I have never had a hide slip. most times I take my cape out the night before so it's usually thawed by morning.
  8. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Hard to believe it didn't thaw out faster. I can take one out of the freezer in the morning and it thaws out in about 2 hours without touching it. I normally set them out the night before so I can get after them early, but if I forget it's usually not a problem.
  9. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Depending on how much water is in the skin and fur, will slow the thawing time down. I tumble my tanned skins pretty dry before freezing, and as Matt says, they open up easy, about 4 hours for me and they are opened up.