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*Update* Mounts from Scott Olson (Lots of pics)

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by eorlando, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. NTR

    NTR New Member

    Boy ain't that the truth....lol
  2. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    I try and not get involved with these kind of posts, but I will say this. Most of that "damage" is an easy fix from what I can see, and like stated, maybe the client isn't responsible for it, but you can simply post a question on maybe how to groom or reslove the problems. I don't see any of it being real difficult to take care of in a few minutes and you have a good respectable wholesale mount. Scott is a good man for those of you who don't know him or talk to him on a regular basis, and he does really good bird work IMO. We all deal with shot birds and less than full plumage/juvenile birds which will greatly effect the outcome of a mount. I know I don't know the whole story behind all of this, but I know Scott and he is a good guy.

  3. Scott has made several of my customers very pleased with their birds since he has been here in FL. He will get the chance to please many more.
  4. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    Eor those birds are fine. Fix the shipping issues and move on. Very rude and inconsiderate post.
  5. M.T.

    M.T. Active Member

    D.Brown, deer do not have fur. To some of you other guys, deer do not have horns! That's kinda like saying ducks have scales.
  6. alexm

    alexm New Member

    Scott s. A good. Guy for whole sale work they are,fine I have talked to him he is doing better rebuilding in Floridag
  7. NTR

    NTR New Member

    Get a life MT. Technically, you are a sphincter but in other terms or slang, you are an a$$ hole!
  8. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    But ... ducks DO have scales!
    *whistles innocently*
  9. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    For $200 or less per bird, the quality is fair and expected as an average. Look OK to me for standard customer work. JMO

    P.S., I don't know Scott Olson.
  10. eorlando

    eorlando New Member

    I'm not even sure where to begin but I will give it a try. I am baffled at how many of you have come on here saying that these mounts are acceptable. I have a few buddies that have tried their hand at mounting birds and the mounts they have produced are better then these. If these are acceptable by your terms then I sure am glad that you won't be mounting up any birds for me. There are so many things wrong with these mounts it isn't even funny. It is far from just a grooming issue or bad specimens. The biggest issue is on the hen where there is already fat leaking out leaving a greasy residue all over her stomach. There is NO fix for this. But I guess seeing as how they are "wholesale birds" it is acceptable. I should just hang them on my wall and ignore the stench that it is sure to come soon. Not to mention the overall shape of the birds. The hen is completely flat and has no shape at all. Then look at the drake. Not sure what you would call that pose. Maybe the "swan dive?" I love the lumpy neck look as well. The position of the feet... the list just goes on and on. I am not even a taxidermist yet I can look at these and see everything that is wrong with them. They sure as hell won't be hung in my house... maybe the garage??? Not even sure about that. Maybe one of you that is singing his praises and calling them acceptable would like them for your home or showroom.

    I can understand not wanting to come on here and pick apart a fellow taxidermists work and that is fine. Some have PM'd me with their concerns and I appreciate that. But to come on here and say the work is good for what I paid is just wrong. As far as I am concerned by him calling himself a taxidermist he is giving the rest of you that do good work a bad name.

    I appreciate all of Scott's efforts to make the original situation better by doing a couple replacement mounts. I just would have thought that if he was going to go through all the effort to do them he would have put a little more effort into the second ones. The replacement mounts are 10 times WORSE than the original birds that he did for me.

    As far as Scott shipping them to me on his dime, yes, he did. Again, communication would have been key. If he had emailed me or called me to let me know they were done I would have informed him that I was going to be up that way at the end of last week and I could have picked them up from him. Oh but wait, he hasn't been in contact with me for 7-8 months so that wouldn't have been possible.

    When I originally chose Scott to do the initial Widgeon mounts for me I did my research on here and saw that there was literally pages and pages of people singing his praise. That is why I chose to let him mount my birds. I saw pictures of them posted on here and they looked good. I didn't see any negative comments regarding the quality of his work or communication. I guess maybe if there were any negative comments either the original poster or a moderator deleted them. That seemed to happen on this thread as well.

    I guess when it comes to taxidermy work you get what you pay for. From now on ALL my waterfowl mounts will be done by Shane Smith or Todd Huffman.
  11. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I'm just glad I don't have you as a client. I can understand the grease bleed issue, but the rest of that tends to be you wanting a $500 duck for $200. Personally, I wouldn't have even mounted that hen. I tell customers all the time their specimen just won't mount well regardless of what magic I intend on using. I do want to know what your issue with the feet was. Unless the duck is landing and using them as a rudder, they often tuck them like that. Those you claim sent you a PM, did THEY post a picture of THEIR work that they charged $200 for? The secret to producing a "perfect" mount is to start out with a perfect specimen.
  12. eorlando

    eorlando New Member

    Wow... glad I'm not your customer either with that attitude. As far as the specimens, I would think that if Scott didn't think they were worth mounting or there was going to be issues that maybe, just maybe a call would be in order stating that. Just a thought though. I would have been more than happy to send him something else in place of those birds if he didn't think they were up to par. I also never said I expected a $500 mount in return. Maybe something of at least equal quality as the first mounts. The legs was more of a comment towards the drake with the spread eagle pose. As far as the people that PM'd me no they didn't send me pictures of their work. Why would that matter what their work looks like anyways???? Their birds aren't the ones in question.

    I do agree with your last statement. "The secret to producing a "perfect" mount is to start out with a perfect specimen." The issues with these mounts don't have to do with that though. It's not like there are feathers missing due to pin feathers and such.
  13. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    I guess if you couldnt reach him any other way, you could use taxinet...TO REACH HIM. I dont see what posting this in taxinet did to fix your situation with Scott. I also do not see why you asked for everyone elses opinion of these birds. Based on your latest posts, it seems you already know. Whats the point? Obviously its not to warn others, as you can see, the others have said they know the limits to some wholesale work already.

    Personally, I get your point, in your defense. You likely cant find too many better wholesale bird mounts better than Todd Huffman or Shane Smith. I really hate to see these types of posts here, but my beef was with the fellow taxidermists jumping one of their own again.
  14. daniel

    daniel New Member

  15. Alan B

    Alan B Member

    You already had your mind made up before you posted this so what you wanted all of us to jump on the lets slam Scott Bandwagon? looks like you got a few bites but I'm with George I'd send you packin.If it smells like a skunk and it looks like a skunk...guess what.............
  16. eorlando

    eorlando New Member

    Actually I did use taxinet "TO REACH HIM." But, just like all my other attempts to reach him it failed and there was no response. Unfortunately, it is kind of hard to reach someone on here when they haven't been logged in since 8/11/2012, 7 months ago. I even sent him messages through Facebook as someone else suggested but they were ignored as well. You guys are killing me. You have every excuse imaginable trying to condone what he has done as far as communication and quality of work.
  17. eorlando

    eorlando New Member

    I would assume that you are talking about the mounts that I received???????
  18. FowlMouthHunter

    FowlMouthHunter New Member

    First off I am a duck hunter, not a taxidermist. I normally just browse this forum looking at all the different duck mounts, but this thread has caught my eye. I am choosing to speak up, just to add some more perspective seeing that 99% of the posts seem to be from taxidermists.

    I can respect the fact that taxidermist wouldn't want to come on here and look as if they were bashing one of there own. On the other hand, to see taxidermists on here calling the accused actions acceptable is ridiculous! I understand, to some extent, that Scott had some personal issues that got in the way. But to not contact a client for the stated amount of time after many attempts to contact in several different ways is unprofessional and unacceptable. Not only in the profession of taxidermy but in any profession. Life gets tough, but thats no excuse to ignore your responsibilities.

    As far as the mounts, these mounts are horrible. I have seen worse, but not by a payed taxidermist. The wing tip can be attributed to shipping, but also poor packaging. The birds don't seem to be great specimens, but I don't remember that ever making a bird's neck look like there is a golf ball in it. The fact that there is grease or fat or whatever seeping out of this bird is RIDICULOUS!!!!! How can you professional taxidermists say, that is acceptable? I viewed his website and I don't see any of his work with grease coming out of his mounts. I'm not naive, and know that some taxidermist only post pictures of there best work. To say that the client knew that's what he was getting is laughable.

    I can't speak for all the people in my profession, but I would never treat a customer like this. If I was able to admit I did poor work the first time, you damn well know I'll get it right the second. Scott's taxidermy ability is on display and we all can judge how we want, but for his friends to come on here and defend how unprofessionally he handle this client is terribly biased and damaging to the reputation of all that have done so.
  19. idbatman

    idbatman Active Member

    I'm bettin that with your mouth open ......... Shane Smith or Todd Huffman wont be taking your chit either !
  20. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    eorlando wrote...
    "Actually I did use taxinet "TO REACH HIM." But, just like all my other attempts to reach him it failed and there was no response. Unfortunately, it is kind of hard to reach someone on here when they haven't been logged in since 8/11/2012, 7 months ago"

    If he hasnt been in here since last August, writing this here was NOT trying to reach him personally, rather just grandstanding for his fellow taxidermists and friends.

    you also said...

    "You guys are killing me. You have every excuse imaginable trying to condone what he has done as far as communication and quality of work."

    Not me! Im just saying you went about this wrong, youre full of baloney and youll get little results having done this in this way.

    If it were me and I knew he was avoiding me, and that he could do a better job then this, Id have privately contacted someone close to him, like Rhonda, Dennis, anyone, and asked for their help. Id have explained that although I was happy he tried to make good, I was also frustrated not only with the first mounts, but even with the replacements. The second attempt at goodwill notwithstanding, I did need to talk to him, could they please let him know its just business, but Id like to settle this professionally, and not take it elsewhere?

    So basically, coming here like this you kinda asked for this. Now, youll be getting private messages from guys wanting to do your birds, and sort through all of them too.

    Id say this thread has run its course. Scott is aware of this, and of course, should contact you. You made your point. We took our sides and commented. I personally dont see any reason to further belabor the point, and pile on.