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time to pick your brains

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by hidvalltax, May 17, 2007.

  1. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    The buffalo is great however he has been washed with laundry soap(1gallon)on both sides,dawn, research's degreaser and still smells like a buffalo any ideas? I have even hung fabric softner sheets on him hoping something would help.
  2. Laurier

    Laurier Active Member

    how was it tanned , usually you get the smell out in the pickling stage , then wash it ,

  3. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    If it's already mounted you might try spraying it with a product like Fabreeze or something similar. If it hasn't you could try soaking it in a concentrated lemon juice bath. This helped when my hounds tangled with a skunk. Good luck...JL
  4. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    IF it was properly tanned and de greased, there should be no oder. What was your tanning process?
  5. TrailsEnd

    TrailsEnd Don't forget the elderly, the young and disabled

    I assume you are trying to tan it yourself. Next time send it to a tannery.
  6. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    yes I tanned it myself it was pickled for 2 weeks and pickle was changed for the same reason, I tanned with lutanF everything went as procedure it was thinned like really thin just the mane on the top of the face smells like buffalo, if you ever around the live ones you will know what I am talking about, the tanning and pickling drums were 50 gallon and plenty big enof for free float, now the robe has no smell it was done at the same time, but I will from now on send them down to janesville to the new tannery.
  7. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    How did you rehydrate?
  8. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    in the pickle
  9. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    There's your problem.... ;)
  10. Laurier

    Laurier Active Member

    so now tell him the solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so he does not do it again.
  11. Dean

    Dean New Member

    Solution is send it to a tannery next time. It isn't worth the time to mess with something that big. You can make more money working on other mounts while that's being tanned. How many DAYS and cost do you have tanning it yourself? Plus how many problems are you having now? How much time do you have into it so far trying to get rid of the smell? I have over 23 years in the taxidermy business, and I wouldn't ever think about tanning one. If you compare the same amount of time you have doing other mounts and the money you make from it with the time and cost of tanning a bison cape you will more than pay for the cost of tanning and have extra money in your pocket too.
  12. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001


    It's been stated time and time again...Proper rehydration is the first step to good tanning.

    Why do you think everyone else recommends a tannery for your bison cape? Do you think that tanneries go straight from salt cured to the pickle?

    You can heed the advice and/or you can call Laurier at 705-476-0483 .... ;D
  13. hidvalltax

    hidvalltax Dont travel faster than your guardian angel can go

    Advice well taken and the rest are at the tannery
  14. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    i would massage hide sheen on the buff - it ELIMINATES smells better than anything i have ever seen
  15. mk

    mk -30 below

    cyclone that still doesnt solve any problems? plus other people that read this wont know whats going on either. i'm not sure why there is a buffalo smell but this is what i do tanning wise. flesh turn salt 12-24 hours, or longer if for storage till i can get to it. if longer i will make a rehydration bath 1lb salt to 1 gal water let soak for a couple hours till it becomes pliable, can also add rittles relaxer 609, i relax it to where i can pull the hide hair side out or skin side out, facial areas may still be hard, but its pliable. if not flint dried i will rinse off excess salt, blood, dirt quickly about 1-2min in the sink can use some dawn dishsoap. then into the pickle. can put degreaser in pickle if you need to. then neutralize, tan, freeze, thaw, wash 1 min in 1 cup liduid laundry detergent then rinse cold water, drip dry and mount.
  16. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    One can only post the instructions for rehydration so many times. It will sink in for some, others will choose to ignore it. Learn how to do something besides demand attention with this fabulous tool we've been given. Just a little research on the subject will turn up volumes of information on rehydration and tanning. There are litterally masters of the art putting info on here for all to use, the smart ones will perhaps copy and paste the info into WORD, maybe even print it.

    Just think of sitting in a classroom situation with one of the greatest taxidermists, your idol at the pulpit...There is limited time for questions, you're at the end of the line and...everyone is asking the same question... :-\
  17. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    Cyclone....Well put.
  18. mk

    mk -30 below

    yeah i agree with you. all i'm saying is why would this buffalo have a smell to it even if it was washed through the tanning process? 1st i would never try to attempt tanning a buffalo, you'll end up with a sore back and too much time into it.
  19. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Read carefully, it was washed after the tanning process and it was not rehydrated. Now think about all the blood, sand dirt, dung, urine, and musk along with the untannable glycosaminoglycans. Proper rehydration would have taken of most of the unwanted with the exception of perhaps the musk... a good washing with soap and water followed by an alcohol rinse (either denatured or isopropyl) would probably have taken care of most of the musk.
  20. mk

    mk -30 below

    right i agree that a rehydration bath would get rid of the dirt, blood, etc. never heard of doing an alcohol rinse before though. well boys im going to bed talk to you all later.