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Wet Tanning Services

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by MidwestBigBucks, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. MidwestBigBucks

    MidwestBigBucks Member

    We currently have been working on our new website, it is finally ready, some pictures of our work is up, with more pictures to come. We also have pictures on how to ship. We have most of our prices up, if there is something you don't see and have a question about, just email us or call.

    We now have two payment options, one option includes free return shipping. We are also offering 10% off for new customers.
  2. Bravo paints

    Bravo paints Wishing I was fishing

    The web site looks good and the service sounds great I plan on trying you guys out on my next project ' if you don't mind doing small orders?

  3. ra8point

    ra8point Member

    I tried midwest big bucks this year. I did have a small order but I was treated like I was their best customer. Excellent service and a great product. I plan on using them again even if it's only a couple capes at a time.

  4. Just talked to the owner of a bison farm near me. He's getting ready to butcher some big bulls.

    I see you charge $205 for your prep and tan service. I assume the hair will be combed out for that price as well? Can you cut me deal if I send you five bison capes? :)
  5. What is your turn-around time? Thanks