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Don't buy from L D Barrows traping supplies,Jessiac Barrow [email protected]

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by *, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    You stated that the coyote was a neighbors that you were selling for Him. You werent making any money on it. My question is How do you know that the coyote was not shot a week before you got it. You dont. I would just refund Dennis' other Monies and cut your losses. You can argue till you are blue in the face, For what, your whole reputation? Crazy.
  2. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    You stated the game officer was there from the time they were shot until they were frozen and mailed. Now you are saying they happened to stop by. That's a lot different. I ask again, why would a game officer be in the field watching your neighbor shoot the coyotes, then go to his house and watch them be hung up, wait around that day until they were delivered to you, then inspect them to make sure they weren't rotting yet, wait while they were being frozen and boxed to be mailed?

  3. She is a lying thieving scam artist piece of crap.
  4. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    It was your red coyote...pictures truly don't lie your corect look at it after the slime was wshed off.....this post stays and is tribute to how people that spout the name of GOD and throw up the Bible do business.

    Agian you 1/2 way to being a REAL CHRISTAIN as you state.
  5. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    wheres your pics of the split lips,oh thats right you dont have any. so you have nothing to back up your statement, except your word, and from records on Public file that doesnt seem to be worth much. Cut you losses and refund the man his money!!!!!!
  6. I think after this she should be banned from the site and her IP address blocked. It has been proven here she is not a person of her word and for that she should be banned and hopefully Dennis seeks out all available options to have her prosecuted.
  7. It really burns me when people use medical excuses (fake) to try to excuse their shady behavior. It's a smack in the face for the truly ill people out there. If she is sick, she should have had a healthy friend or relative help with her business dealings, rather than pull this behavior.
  8. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Or her husband????? LOL


  10. Just received this in an email from a concerned person on Ebay. They emailed me it from here. So maybe they didn't want to speak out against her. They did however give me permission to post it.

    She has no ends to her lies.

    Dear Left Blank

    I cant in good conscience give him a full refund.. If u notice he avoids the truth about the lips of the coyote.. I am not worried about it.. He will get half his refund. The coyote he tried to originally pass off was not the one sent to him.. How can something so obvious go ignored.. I am sorry you feel the way you do and i pray i have a great year.

    - flyguy2239
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    From: blank
    To: flyguy2239
    Subject: Re: Other: blank sent a message about "Final Approach" Trapping Lure,Bait,Coyote,Fox,Raccoon,Bobcat,Fisher,LD Barrows #330851583766
    Sent Date: Mar-08-13 04:13:54 PST

    Dear flyguy2239,

    Yeah I read the whole thing but I also looked at the pics and I am no taxidermist but I am a trapper and I have seen the exact stuff happen to furs when they are covered in blood. I am sorry but If I do not see where he says you refunded him 100% I will make sure to steer clear of you and also make sure my buddies steer clear of you both. If he is sending you both hides back he should get a full refund. Plus I see on their someone has posted about your criminal history. I really feel bad for you guys and your company with all the bad press you are getting. I think a lot of potential customers will steer clear of you guys with all that stuff coming out. I think if you guys were to refund him fully and make sure to keep copies and then go to that taxidermy site and post copies. I think it would go a long way. People no longer just look at what someone does on ebay. They also look up companies on the internet. That is how I found out about all the stuff. Myself being a christian. I am disgusted at how you are using God. If you truly are a person of God you would not be acting this way. You obviously have a lot of growing up to do. A godly person does not try to scam someone out of money. And you Ma'am are doing that. If this guy sent you both of them back and one was bad then you owe him a full refund not a partial refund and then you still get to sell one of them. That is scamming. I sure hope when it is your judgement day you have done more good in your life to outweigh this evil scamming you are doing now. May God have mercy on your soul.


    From: flyguy2239
    To: blank
    Subject: Re: Other: blank sent a message about "Final Approach" Trapping Lure,Bait,Coyote,Fox,Raccoon,Bobcat,Fisher,LD Barrows #330851583766
    Sent Date: Mar-07-13 19:33:43 PST

    Dear blank,

    the taxidermist lied about the coyote being bad,also I was in the hospital for a week. i am just getting caught up on things and can't be at the computer long. take a look at the pics yourself.. the first pics he posted do not match the pics he "finally posted" way after the fact. when i asked him to just send me them back for his refund he bacame nasty & beligerant. normally we would have refunded immediately.. but in the pics he posted there is a chunk out of the ear & the lips aren't done.. on the yote i sent him the lips were done & there is not chunk missing from the ear.. he is a con-artist.. we have 100% positiove feedback for a reason, we do not lie.. he will be getting 1/2 a refund for the female he sent back being there is someone who deserves here.. the money has nothing to do w/anything. it is the fact that he is a liar & a bully.. not to mention that yote was a neighbors, so i feel bad for him because he is a stand up guy. we have a large clientel & deal with people all over the country never has there been an issue. also when he tried to say it was rotten before it left here.. that was how i knew he was lying right off, but that didn't bug me, I have been warned by many many respectful and "older famous" gentleman in the business of the games people play,one being buying a similar coyote to replace one they ruined then pass the ruined one off as the one purchased. When many people on the site were telling him they weren't the same yote he changed his story saying that he agreed and Isent him adifferent one than what was pictured.. then he got pi**y enough he defrosted the good one and ruined it.if you look you will see the lips are done on the one I sent. his originally pics of the false coyote the lips are not done.

    I am honest and fair,I never had to give a refund but as soon as I get done catching up on emails & orders I hopefully can figure that out tonight

    We have a 100% track record... and i don't count this being it is a lie.

    - flyguy2239

    From: blank
    To: flyguy2239
    Subject: Other: blank sent a message about "Final Approach" Trapping Lure,Bait,Coyote,Fox,Raccoon,Bobcat,Fisher,LD Barrows #330851583766
    Sent Date: Mar-05-13 14:08:31 PST

    Dear flyguy2239,

    When are you guys going to pay that taxidermist back the money you owe him on Taxidermy.net. I looked up your company and that is one of the most replied to searches on your company. Doesn't look good for your company with bad press like that. i know me personally won't buy anything from you with a rep like that. I was interested in your product till I looked it up.

    - blank

    "Final Approach" Trapping Lure,Bait,Coyote,Fox,Raccoon,Bobcat,Fisher,LD Barrows
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    End time: Mar-30-13 21:19:58 PDT
    flyguy2239 (569)
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  11. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    Re: I'm DONE buying anything raw here from peolple that think they...

    Come on... really?? First your mom has a "slight" heart attack, AND cancer... then YOU are in hospital a week... Apparently this is your husbands business yet you are the one on here preaching... Your hubby "came on" but didnt bother to look at at the posts??? REALLY?? Then you are whining saying he is being a bully to a girl.... pulling out the gender card is a bit lame dont ya think? Seriously you really want to preach about God as if you have some direct line to the Man yet you are obviously not one to follow what you preach... How about doing what is right? Youre stories just get wilder and wilder...
  12. GWebb

    GWebb Active Member

    I've been following this thread since day one. LDB, one thing I want to see is the pictures where you say the lips aren't turned. If your referring to the first photo posted it may be because the lips are turned but laying back under the skin. You have made excuse after excuse to keep from refunding the man his money. Both * and T have been members of this site since I started Taxidermy over 10 years ago. Why would he try to skam you out of a yote? It isn't like they are a rare species!! I too would have been upset from the get-go if I opened a box to find what they did. You can say all you want that they were killed, skinned and shipped within 10 minutes of each other and never got above 20 degrees the whole time....that doesn't matter. What matters is what the buyer got...and in my opinion what he got is a bloody, slipping mess that didn't resemble your coyote because it was covered with blood, slime and bacteria. He kept his end by paying for what he thought he would get, he didn't get what he thought he paid for, regardless if he got pissy or what, he sent both back to you, the only way you can make this right is by paying him what is owed, regardless of your feelings.
  13. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    Wow, major tax-net soap opera here! I only came back here since my fav MDshooters forum has been down for me for 3 days and I am bored LOL. Normally I only come here for buy/sell and to take a quick peek at posts in the lifesize mammals forum, or get these obsession streaks during warmer months ( after I stop hibernating LOL).

    I have had 2 bad foxes- one was taken on a warm day and despite my efforts, it slipped ears or something( I had shipped that one green frozen), the 2nd one I'm not sure what happened ( prepped and salted/dried- but it was a red fox and they will do slippy things when you thought you did everything right and quickly), but in case #1 I sent another fox and never heard back so I assume that one was ok. #2 fox, I refunded them as that was what they requested.

    I once bought a coyote off someone and it was green frozen, but got here not wrapped much and thawed and warm. I thought "oh crud", but nothing was slipping and I'd only paid 30.00 or something for it + maybe 7-8 shipping ( back when it was cheaper...). I prepped it and salted it dry, and later tanned it and it came out 100%. Overall I have found coyotes to be tougher than foxes.

    Now as to slimey crud- you get that slimey crud and your done. Looks like in this case being discussed that said coyote was dead for ?? from neighbor ( claims a week? was this before being bought over- it layed a week first?), weather above freezing, then it was probably hung by the hind legs for a couple days before being skinned. All that blood oozed down into the face, and possibly a vien was hit during skinning and old bacteria laden blood oozed down and collected there. No one bothered to check and wipe it off. Then the hide probably laid rolled up on the floor for another day. Oh yeah, in a heated fur shed, so could have been 50 degrees up to 80 depending on heat source ( space heater vs wood stove). Finally it gets tight rolled up and frozen, still with all that ooze junk on the face. In freezer friday to monday, then shipped.

    I know for a fact that a deer cape can get smelly pretty fast stored in a walk-in cooler. Deer hangs a week, hide on, gets caped, cape with head ( with blood that oozed onto the face and old blood inside the mouth and nasal cavities) gets put in plastic bag ( antlers sticking out) then sits another week. Then someone bothers to call me ( the customer) and says " oh I have a cape at XXXXXX and they said you can pick it up for me". I go over to get it, bring it home and immediatly have to apply stop-rot all over the dang thing, skin the head, more stop-rot, and prep right there and then and get into the salt. 2 weeks and 35 degrees, and a deer isn't near as bacteria laden as a fox or coyote which rolls in discusting dead stuff and eats half rotten meat all winter. Be nice if someone called right after the deer was caped and it didn't sit in the cooler another week...

    That is def the same coyote- the first pics to the 2nd set cleaned up. Same rediculous slipped eyelids and nose, only in 2nd set, the slip spreads some more from the cleaning action.

    BTW if I don't know who I am selling to on here, I look at their sign up #. If they have been here for years that helps alot. 10k posts makes it even better. I also know all the "names" folks here, and * Dennis Harris is def someone who's been around and is well known, and you don't cheat on big cahunas like him! I even remember him from ebay years ago "this is what a real lynx looks like".

    As to longest known taxi-net members I know of ( go back to the orginal 1996 or whatever tax-net): myself, Bill Yox, and John Creager LOL
  14. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    There are several things you have said that don't make sense. You said the coyote was given by a neighbor who shot it possibly up to a week earlier. You said a game officer was there and stayed with the coyote the whole time until it was frozen solid and boxed. You said you'd give a full refund and that normally this is what you do even though you also say you've never done that before. You say the lips were turned, but haven't shown any pictures that he sent that show unturned lips except a picture from the front where you can't tell because they could be folded over. You said yours didn't have a cut ear, but then it was shown that this was just the way the picture looked, so you obviously read one picture completely wrong. You said several times you'd give a full refund if he posted pictures showing it was indeed your coyotes, then changed it to saying you'd give a full refund if he mailed them back to you, then changed it again.
    Even if you say he lied, you are doing the same by not refunding. By your own statements you can't account for the quality of the yote since it was not killed by you and you can't verify how long it was hanging before being frozen unless you produce the game warden that you say stayed with it for the whole time which still doesn't make sense.
    This is a taxidermy site. All of us have had people drop off skins that someone said were taken care of, that looked good at the time, but soon as we inspected them we later found out weren't well taken care of.
    It seems like this is what happened, but you are hell bent on not refunding, ruining your reputation, and lying.
  15. Very Well Put Boarhunter67.
  16. You won't give him a full refund because he wasn't as nice about receiving bad skins as you think he should have been?

    I think you paid the neighbor already and just hate to deal with it, so you're sticking * with it...uhm...because he was cranky about losing 350 bucks.
  17. wildcat2

    wildcat2 New Member

    I took the time to read some of this stuff and all i can say is WOW. I have dealt with Larry and Jess for 4 or 5 years now. I have bought and traded lures and supplies from them and also done trapping instructions for kids with Larry while Jess took pictures. Larry also donated many prizes for the kids at the jakes event. Too bad there was bad dealing on some end on here but knowing what i know of these people I cant believe it was them. Just dont add up to me.
  18. Well you should take the time to look at the pics. Cause anyone that knows furs and anything about them knows that kind of damage doesn't happen in a couple of days in a mail truck.
  19. ryanolson72

    ryanolson72 Active Member

    bad things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people. Not sure which way this went, but it was one of the two. If you know them so well, how about getting Dennis his money back?


    You all don't know what your messing with ;D ;D ;D Be Afraid, Very Afraid ;)