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4th Bird please critique

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Sprigpig1, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Sprigpig1

    Sprigpig1 Member

    hello everybody, new to the forum and would appreciate any feed back/critique i can get. Just finished this widgeon yesterday. Apologise for him being in the drying/ finishing phase. This is my fourth bird and absolutely love bird taxidermy. After the pictures i straightened the pins on his tail and tweeked the right wing a bit. Also the left side of his tail was shot up pretty bad and did what i could to salvage it.



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  2. Sprigpig1

    Sprigpig1 Member

    another pic

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  3. luciengwin4

    luciengwin4 Member

    SE MS
    i think it looks great i wish my fourth bird looked like that
  4. Spectacular fourth bird. I would be embarrassed to critique that bird, because if you are that far along at four, you will surpass most of the crowd at 10!
  5. Sprigpig1

    Sprigpig1 Member

    Thanks guys
  6. rai_red

    rai_red Active Member

    fantastic mount, looks great,

  7. Looks very clean, the only thing I will point out is.... Either you neck material is to long or you need to taxi the breast forward a little! Other than that it looks nice!
  8. sweet!! I Like it
  9. Ted

    Ted Member

    I taught this guy to do birds a couple weeks ago and now he's doing birds about as good as mine! He dd this one at home without me even there. He's going to get a first before I do! I guess I'll still talk to him if he does. He is a carver so he already had an eye for what a duck looks like.
  10. Sprigpig1

    Sprigpig1 Member

    You're the man Ted...thanks for all the help.
  11. exceptional bird and pose
  12. Jason R

    Jason R Ph# 325-282-2527

    You did an amazing job!
  13. Nick7

    Nick7 New Member

    Im not a bird guy but i think it looks great!!
  14. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    i like it...i think you did a great job overall.....position and grooming looks right on..
  15. I Like it!! Its nice clean and awesome position!
  16. Wow Super nice job. My only comment is on the black at the front of the bill. All the widgeon I've had my hands on (and that's been a lot) do not have the curved transition along the side like your bird is showing. The black has always been somewhat straight across the bill and then when it gets to each side you'll have a narrow band of black that runs a short ways back towards the head. Look up some widgeon pics on google and you'll see what I mean. Of course all bills are different and maybe this one was colored that way naturally, but it is different than what I'm used to.
  17. Sprigpig1

    Sprigpig1 Member

    Thanks... You're are 100 percent right and I noticed that durring painting but did not change. I'll get it on the next one. Thanks again for the kind words and feedback. I appreciate it.
  18. Sprigpig1

    Sprigpig1 Member

    Thanks again to everybody for the feedback and kind words. It is appreciated.

  19. That bird looks amazing...I wish mine looked that life like. I won't currently do birds for customers, only on my own. However if they looked like this one I would change that.
  20. SVincent84

    SVincent84 New Member

    Would u mind showing a side pic? I'm awfully curious on how u have the grass attached and the bird hanging ... I love how simple the "base" seems, not a big chunky rock or branch but I'm new at this and just can't wrap my head around How to do that without very obvious wires... ???

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