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Hello NTA Board Members

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by antlerman, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    John, apparently you have never sat on the board of an NFP. See, it's not 'their' business, it is the 'members' business. We as LLC's or private owners can set our rules.....but even then we have to fall within the guidelines of the Federal Government. The ED and board cannot 'pick and choose' who they want in. A NFP is one of the truest forms of a democracy when ran according to Roberts Rules Of Order, and you can tell by their actions that they do not even know who the author is.

    John, I will give you a prime example of how a NFP such as the NTA SHOULD operate. Anytime you have an organization you are going to have detractors. Those detractors should be handled with respect and transparency. In sit on a BOD's here in my county and we had a lady really giving us hell and running us into the ground saying we were stealing money. This is EXACTLY what we did. We got 121 months of monthly financial reports together for her (she did not request this, WE DID THIS BECAUSE WHEN YOU ACCUSE US OF STEALING WE ARE GOING TO SHOW YOU WE ARE NOT....BECAUSE WE ARE NOT!!!!) and delivered them to her home. At that point I also asked her to please run for a board position as we had 2 opening in the election.

    Also I gave her a scedule of all events scheduled up to the end of May (thats how far it went at the time) and invited her into the count room (a locked room where we count all the funds after feasts and fests)...........she said she didn't need to sit in a room for hours. I insisted she needed to. She still declines the offer........but she no longer falsely accuses us. The next one will get the same records and we can go back further on the financials if needed.

    John, people that have nothing to hide do NOT kick members out of organization for accusing them of misappropriating funds, they shine a transparent light upon them and make their accusers look silly.....that's what honest people do. If ANY of the BOD's in our organization EVER made it difficult for a member to get financial statements we would not have to worry about a 2/3 vote.....that board member would be out on their ass with a 100% vote! THE MEMBERSHIP OWNS THAT ORGANIZATION, THAT IS THEIR RECORDS.

    John, you are a smart man, I think you get the point.

    I am only aware of 2 states kicking members out. One is Texas and it was because of complaints against a member by a huge amount of his customers that he ran off with their work, the other was Pennsylvania when a member went into the supply room while it was closed and and stole 1,000's of dollars worth of supplies.

    Thats a little different than a person asking why the NTA did not admonish a BOD for assaulting a woman at the Pennsylvania State Show and two others for asking to see the financials.

    If you think that is suitable, send a check!