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Question about tanning

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by jimbo72, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Hello all. I would like to get your opinion on which tanning agent to go with for my first attempt at mounting a deer head. Which would be the best one to start with, para-tan, lutan fn, liqua tan, Mckenzie tan. And as far as safety goes which one would be the less harmful.
    For pickling is one acid better then the other. Reading about the products in the catalogs they seem to be about the same. Just not sure which is the way to go with the first try.
    I would also like your opinion on the tanning oil.
    Is the ph paper or the salinometer more accurate in the readings.
    I just want to see what you guys are using and see what you have to say about them.
  2. Lutzy3

    Lutzy3 Member

    I am new to taxidermy too...however I have used John Rinehart tanning cream with great results. It is quick and easy for a beginner and works great for deer heads. I have mounted several deer heads using it and had no issues.

  3. before you purchase something you need to have an understanding of the entire process, please seek out an appropriate DVD that explains it A-Z. This way once you have an understanding you can seek out the tools to do it with. :) Good luck and welcome to taxidermy!
  4. I have a dvd on tanning with lutan f just wasn't to sure if there is a fail proof system out there. I looked at the kits and looked and read about the different types. Just was curious if there was a certain type or brand that is more flexable for a beginner
  5. Is Lutan f or Lutan fn better or are they the same? Is ph paper or the salinometer more accurate. I can just use saftee acid for the pickle>
  6. sportsmen wildlife

    sportsmen wildlife New Member

    I have tried alot of "home" tans and to me lutan is a very good tan. Great stretch,no loss of epidermis, hair is tighter then any tan I have tried, complete tan, and has very low shrinkage when drying. A lot of instructions on lutan are flat out wrong. Do as Hudson said and go straight from the pickle to the tan, do not neutralize first, it WILL NOT TAN COMPLETELY. Go to Knobloches Chemical website, they have lutan instructions that are spot on.
  7. Thank you gentlemen for the information I greatly appreciate it. I also have 2 coon, a mink, and a few squirrel to practice mounting on. Would I use the Lutan tan on those to. Or just use the denatured alcohol on the squirrel. Thanks again for all the information.
  8. Thanks again. To me it would make more sense to tan them but then again I have never done this. I have only been reading and web serfing and reading and more reading trying to comprehend and understand the way to this. I have acquired about 30 vhs and dvds , the breakthrough magazines, taxi books and have assortment of different tools and stands. Now guess its time to put the scuba gear on and dive in
  9. Thank you I appreciate that. You can probably count on getting a im or two from me. I don't like to make mistakes and if I am uncertain of something I am not shy about asking the right way to do it. I would rather ask a question and do it right then to do it wrong and screw it up.
  10. realdealsteve

    realdealsteve New Member

    I like to shave between the pickle and the tan. Check Trubond out, it's works likes Lutan and is a little cheaper, and they don't gouge on the shipping like you know who. I have used borax and water for little dudes like squirrels without a problem, though sometimes they need a mineral spirit massage after mounting in the absence of the pickle/degreaser step. I'm fairly new too so take it for what its worth, but I am passing on my mentor's knowledge and he has been tanning for a long time. Good Luck!
  11. Hudson, there is also another lutan, it is lutan B , virtually the same as fn, it just has a slightly different basicity , but getting back to the original question, I would suggest lutan f just make sure you have the correct instructions, basically work in this order , skin, salt , rehydrate, pickle, shave , pickle , tan ,basify ,rinse ,oil ,use . Good luck.
  12. neecf02

    neecf02 New Member

    I'm pickling for the very first time as we speak. I chose to go with saftee acid cause Amy said it was the safest acid for pickling as far as burning your hands (not that I plan to dunk my hands in it). And sounded like it still did a good job. You can read her info here: http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,56668.0.html . But I can't say for sure which is best pickle and tan because this is my very first go round at it.