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Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by Geno, May 19, 2007.

  1. Geno

    Geno New Member

    Just curious as why some are reluctant to post their location under profile.Any response from Taxidermist not professional bloggers please.
  2. joeym

    joeym Jeannette & Joey @ Dunn's Falls

    Geno...you ask that question and you have three states listed as your location??? I'm a southern boy, so I'll have to assume that you live on Lookout Mountain where those three states join!!! Seriously, it's nice to know where different people are located. I posted my hometown right from the beginning. To me, posting my identity adds validity to any comments I make here. I enjoy swapping information, and have had several PM's or phone calls requesting information. However, I respect the privacy of others to keep their name and location anonymous

  3. Geno

    Geno New Member

    Joey thanks for the git back.I respect their privacy also,just sometimes folks post info I'd like to pursue further and when you find them close maybe you'll either make personal contact or meet them at your own state convention.You're right about Lookout.I'm in the Valley uplooking both Lookout and Sand Mtn.30 mins from Chatt,2 miles from GA line and 15 from Ft Payne.One note though is maybe the ones who has no interest in our art woudn't be so quick to make comments not fulfilling our art.They'd stay on other sites just for idiots.
  4. Bagger99

    Bagger99 New Member

    I am from Arizona and I am a Taxidermist.
  5. Geno

    Geno New Member

    Thanks Bagger,maybe more forthcoming and this will continue to be a site for Taxidermist and not an evening entertainment center for those who really doesn't appreciate the art.
  6. I too was wondering why so many people do not have their location in their profile. I checked on my own once and found it was not in there, even though i was sure i had put it in when I first signed up. I then went back and entered Wisconsin in my profile. I am always interested where people are from, it helps in understanding their situation more fully. I often check on the persons profile and most times am disappointed to see there is no location listed. I don't know if this was done intentionally or just overlooked. I wish more people would go back and recheck their profile and enter location if they don't mind. I also thought it would be nice if location could be listed below their avatar so we wouldn't have to go into their profile to try to locate them. Any one else feel the same? Skullery....Jeff
  7. Geno

    Geno New Member

    Jeff thats exactly it.Thanks for putting as words better than I.Gene
  8. I too would like to see a location in the profile. For buying & selling, it would help when estimating freight costs, postage, export permits, delivery times etc. For example, I might buy a tumbler from B.C. or Alberta but definitely not from Florida or Hawaii. Also, some areas produce exceptional quality specimens for taxidermy compared to other areas.
    ""The spuds are big on the back of Bud's rig, and they're from Prince Edward Island""
    Get my point? AL
  9. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    If you want your location to show up on every post, you can add it to the "Personal Text" field in your Profile. This text is diplayed beneath your avatar on every post.

    Or, you can add it to your signature, which is displayed below every post you make.
  10. After reading this post, I checked and noticed I had not filled it out either. So I did. I think maybe most don't realize that it is not done. I know my wife's is intentionaly left off. ( she also doesn't list email, or anything). She does so because she is very opionated (only online, she's quite in person) and doesn't want any of her comments to affect how people deal with me. When she set up her account she did so because she didn't want to say anything under my name. She said she saw how ugly some people could be it they didn't like your opion. Because of this she didn't want our shop or me to be judged, based on her thoughts.
  11. I know this is an old thread but I just ran across it.

    I feel the same way, it bothers me when others do not list there location,at the very least they could post the state.

    I see things in the for sale section I'm interested in all the time but, when they do not post where they are I just move on.
  12. Geno

    Geno New Member

    JP another good point as to why? Thanks Geno here again.Ken is a busy man.
  13. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    You all raise several good points. First of all, too much personal information out in cyberspace is NOT GOOD......Keep it to a minimun and you won't be sorry. Anti's, spammers, identity thieves and hackers are everpresent and waiting for opportunities to strike. Make sure your anti virus software and any firewalls are up to date and ON if you leave any information here. Ken does his part in protecting you and this site. but YOU have to do your part.

    Second, Ken has provided the mechanism for anyone to personally contact any other registered member here. Apparently many are not aware of it, because I see "personal messages" posted here all the time. Thats a violation of FORUM RULE #8. I use the message sending feature all the time, ask Buck or Yox.

    Third, and I don't understand this either. It you are trying to sell something, you absolutely HAVE to post WHERE you are located to screen out the non buyers. Shipping frozen "critters" long distances is just not a good idea, shipping heavy stuff is costly, and buying a Florida cape for a Montana deer just doesn't make sense. Location is important, maybe not critical, but still important.

    Just remember, "Over 150 million people in the United States are BELOW "average" intelligence!
  14. Joey Arender

    Joey Arender big mouth alert

    LOL.... I just wish I could remember which 50% I fall in.....now to go see if I have my location in my profile
  15. Old Fart

    Old Fart Active Member

    I actually misspoke the number. I should have said, "remember exactly half the population of the U.S. is below average intelligence!"