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NEW Thick Walnut Executive Bases - pics from start to finish

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Lundliker, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Hi All !! For 2 years we have been getting requests to come out with an Executive Style Base that can accommodate glass. For the past couple months we have been working with Shane Smith to fine tune 2 sizes with high quality, functionality and affordability (thanks Shane for your help and encouragement !!).

    The Thick Walnut Executive Bases are made from Solid Walnut with no miter joints or seams, have a recessed center oval, wide decorative edge and a recessed groove to accommodate a glass or acrylic display cover. Use with or without a display cover, which is not included. Sealed and finished with superior grade satin lacquer.

    Bases are 1⅝" thick. Groove depth is ¼” and width is ⅜".

    Here are the large solid Walnut glued up panels on one of our CNC's being machined into a perfect rectangle


    Next, the decorative outside edge is machined


    Then, the Habitat Recess is machined


    Lastly, the Glass Groove is cut


    Leaving an accurate CNC machined Thick Executive Base with no seams or miter joints.


    Off the CNC with additional panels ready to be machined


    Ready for some detail sanding and finishing


    The Bases come in two sizes:

    • Overall base dimension: 14" x 22" x 1⅝"
    • Recessed oval dimension: 9⅝" x 17⅝"
    • Recessed oval depth: ½”

    • Overall base dimension: 16" x 26" x 1⅝"
    • Recessed oval dimension: 11⅝" x 21⅝"
    • Recessed oval depth: ½”


    Have fun with these !! They are high quality and we kept the pricing affordable to work great for your customer mounts and your competition pieces !! http://www.walnuthollowcountry.com/bases/thick-walnut-executive-bases/
  2. Beautiful . Ive had customers ask about something like this. It will fill the need. Great!

  3. smalliestalker

    smalliestalker and a river runs through it.

    I've noticed this on a couple of posts now. Certainly it's clear you have a relationship with some of these guys and your plaques, maybe these were tests, ... But if I were to order my plaques from WH, and received some like this, could I return for exchange without incurring the added shipping costs? That has me a bit reluctant. Thanks. (And yes, I understand about gluing up small bits to make a big one - just wonder if you are consciously sorting your glue ups to avoid this.)

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  4. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

    Hey don't be using pictures of my work for your petty grievances!!
  5. Yes we color code the best we can for the affordable prices we are charging. We produce and sell Cadillacs at fair pricing. But aren't set up to produce Lamborghinis's at Lamborghini pricing. We manufacture productions runs vs. custom one at a time.

    The pic you posted is a Wolfgang mount. He would have ordered the base from us and has a happly clientele and it was not a "test".

    We rarely receive a complaint or concern but if you order something and are not completely satisfied and feel we are to blame, then of course, we will take care of it like any supplier would/should.

  6. smalliestalker

    smalliestalker and a river runs through it.


    I asked questions.
    I would have had a grievance if I'd bought that and was told "it is a Cadillac, and absolutely acceptable". Now I know.
  7. Adam Edwards

    Adam Edwards Member

    Very very nice will probably be purchasing some in the future.
  8. wingman

    wingman Active Member

    Hello all, I was emailed a "link" to this thread and after using Walnut Hollows products for several years now I was curious as to "how they were produced" VERY cool, I love woodworking but unfortunately just do not have the time anymore, Walnut Hollow Takes care of most of my woodwork/Plaque needs now. I am so Happy they are now producing these executive bases, NOW I just need to convince them to make them in OAK! LOL. Anyway I just wanted to put my "two cents" out there. As far as the Gluing topic, I think the different variances in wood color and Grain just add to the final product, something even more evident in Oak....Hint Hint ;) :). Keep up the Great work.
  9. birdtaxidermy

    birdtaxidermy New Member

    Nooooo!! Cherry first..Lol! I appreciate you guys doing these for me and many other people that will be using them now. If these were made from Solid wood, i dont think anyone could afford them. The grain is near impossible to match 100% It adds a bit of character. Keep up the good work and productivity. I really appreciate your efforts!
  10. Brian W

    Brian W Active Member

    Nothing but top quality in my book. I've purchased several. I cant see the problem with the picture either if I received one like that. I agree with wingman regarding the added character to variances in grain and wood color and dont view it as a flaw. Some people will complain about anything I guess..... ::)

    Great people to work with and a great product.......
  11. Non-TypicalArtist

    Non-TypicalArtist ABOVE Expectations. BEYOND Ordinary.

    Everything I have ever got from Walnut Hollow has never been anything but top notch. Great shipping and competitive pricing. It's wood dude. Wood has imperfections - don't see the big deal?..
  12. smalliestalker

    smalliestalker and a river runs through it.

    "...Hello all, I was emailed a "link" ..."

    Hurry and circle the wagons, call in the cavalry: someone took time to ask a question of an advertiser and that is verboten. I never spoke about the quality of the bulk of their wares. I will not however, be bullied into agreeing that it would not be better IMHO to make the edge (to be carved into) a quarter inch thicker so as to not display such differences in the butcherblock glue up. That has nothing to do with grain or variation within a piece.
  13. Hi All !! Wood is not a homogeneous material like plastic and has its own unique characteristics. It is the various colors and grains that exist throughout each piece that make it unique. Even with state of the art color matching, variations in a panel can occur because different grained wood can and will react differently even to a clear lacquer thus affecting the color. To me, these distinctive characteristics are what make wood so beautiful in comparison to manmade materials but “to each his own”. Each staved panel is vacuumed down on on the bed of the CNC the best we can and from there its the CNC program running the router heads with no discrimination to wood other than to cut clean and with accuracy. What comes off will always be a unique piece. When I looked at the first run of the Executives after coming back from the finisher they are all uniquely different including a couple that had interesting Tiger Striping on a few edges. One had a marbled light spot of dead wood on an edge that I saved for myself for "hopefully" a future mount :)

    Anyways - have fun with them !!

    Also we are putting together a "Buy two and receive Free Shipping" PROMO to get these started. Once that is up and going, I will circle back with the PROMO CODE.

    Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!
  14. These bases are awesome! Also very affordable. The products I recieve from Chris have always been top notch! These new executive bases are very, very nice! I can't wait to get my latest birds finished on my new thick base.
    Thanks Chris!

    TIM SCHLOSS Member

    Got a couple last week. This is a great product at a very reasonable price. Please don't think I'm think I am getting into a Internet war of words. Just saying these bases are really sharp.
  16. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Keep up the great work you are doing WH!
  17. They turned out great Chris! Will keep in touch when I am ready for some.

  18. Brian W

    Brian W Active Member

    The only thing you took the time for was complaining. Condescending remarks like "maybe these were TESTS" ,"consciously sorting your GLUE UPS" and in your last post: "butcherblock GLUE UPS" only reveal you want to stir something up.
    You need to understand the "wagon circlers" as you call us see the quality in the product as we've seen and used them first hand.
    You on the other hand have stolen a picture to display to all, purporting you have a "question". How transparent is that? You shouldnt have taken that picture and posted it with any derogatory comments. You probably should have asked permission to use the picture in the first place as the owner has expressed his disapproval.
    The bottom line here is IF you had a legitimate "concern" then you should have PM'd Walnut Hollow, and not brought attention to how foolish you've made yourself out to be.
    What you did was wrong, just admit it, apologize and move on........Walnut Hollow has a superior product I will continue to use.
  19. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    I haven't commented here because I don't understand why Smalliestalker is getting raked over the coals for commenting on a base which had a very prominent grain change which created a vertical break that greatly distracted from the overall flow of its otherwise excellent design.

    I'm not trying to say that Walnut Hollow's products are bad in any way - they aren't. They are very good quality overall and they are an excellent value. In fact, I just ordered some of their bases for myself.
    It's just that that ONE specific base was not a very attractive specimen, in my opinion.
    I won't go into all of the details about the rules of artistic composition, but one thing that you do NOT want is a straight line that sharply divides your piece of art into two equal parts.
    I think that one, individual base was a fluke that got the unlucky draw on wood grain and that it's not a typical example of WH's work.
    Had I received it, I would definitely have accepted it and used it - but not "as is." I would have either re-stained it or painted it gloss black, because that type of visual break is visually jarring and I believe that it detracts from, rather than enhances, the overall composition.

    Call me foolish if you want to.
  20. Brian W

    Brian W Active Member

    It's the manner in which he did it Nancy and the tone in which he demonstrated it......why Nancy?......really?