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Gored elk eye. Need your opinions

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Bosox5, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Bosox5

    Bosox5 New Member

    This is my second year of taxidermy, so I am still a newbie. I have a tanned elk cape with one eye that is torn up badly. Not sure where to even start with it. The elk was gored by another bull and lost his eye. Would you try to fix the eye the best you could to make it look normal, or try to make the eye appear that it was damaged in a fight? The hunter doesn't care either way. Any suggestions or thoughts? I'm planning on using a full sneak with a left turn that will keep the damaged eye facing the wall.
  2. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    Id fix it up best you can to look normal.

  3. Hard call. If it was for a customer, I would probably fix it. If it was for me, I would leave it. But, I like to think out of the box a bit and I also like to mount my personal stuff as it was when I took it.
  4. client wanted this buck as was. he had a very small eye that was recessed quite a bit. his eyelid was usually 90% closed according to the trail cam pics.

  5. Bosox5

    Bosox5 New Member

    Thanks for posting that example. That's one buck that looks like he has been through some battles. What I'm afraid of with this elk is that the eye will end up just looking like crappy taxidermy. I'm leaning towards giving it a shot to make the eye look normal. If it doesn't work then make it have the injury look.
  6. North Ga Hillbilly

    North Ga Hillbilly New Member

    I know as taxidermist yall lean twords making each animal look as "natural" as possible, but as a client I prefer to have them as they were. I have a bass that I had my taxi trim up the rear fin to match the fish I caught. I would ask the client what he/she wants, but I wouldn't be surprised if they want him as is. I brag on the true to life nature of my fish, tho I know my taxi cringed at the thought of trimming up that fin.

  7. HAPP

    HAPP Active Member

    I'd ask the client, "what he/she wants".
  8. Harvestmoontaxi

    Harvestmoontaxi Lake of the woods walleyes

    You would be surprised what can be done to repair it. The customer may be more impressed with a good repair, i'd try that route first.