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Use of mini flesher

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by sergeant133, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. jvan

    jvan Member

    thanks sergeant i did 2 cape with this method. i think it workd great as long a s you pay attention to what you are doing and watch the pressureon the flesher.
  2. Exactly! You're on your way!

  3. Great Stuff Sarg.. I viewed all six and found them really helpful. I just cant get use to my dakota V around the face. I like my fingers to much
  4. McKenzie sells Fleshing Gloves that are made of Kevlar, are washable, heat resistant and cost about $15 a pair. Check out item: FG60 or FG65
  5. thanks CDN , I actually do have a pair and put them up somewhere around here , well I can tell you right now they are hiding from me..But that is what I plan on doing . I use to cut meat and have used them before and they do work great.
  6. Bow Man

    Bow Man New Member

    Thanks Sergeant these videos have helped me a ton.Just getting started in taxidermy.Wasnt having to much luck with the knife.Watched your videos couldn't wait for my mini to come.M ounted a six inch piece of pipe to my work bench and got started.Course it was a little tough getting started after a couple holes and two fleshed finger tips I kinda got the hang of it.Great videos very imformative for begginers like me. I hope everyone just getting started finds these videos to watch!
  7. sleeper

    sleeper New Member

    I just did my 2nd cape with my new flesher.

    The pvc pipe and the slightly dulled blade is a night and day difference.
  8. The more you use it the better and quicker it will be. Glad it's working for you. Dulling the blade is a must. A blade will last forever. I can't even tell you how many years I've had on the one I use and I flesh approx. 30 to 40 a year with it.
  9. kam

    kam Member

    really really nice job showing me how to use my mini. I was really getting frustrated with it, now I know what to do. Thanks
  10. No problem Kam, always willing to help out!
  11. Bow Man

    Bow Man New Member

    Sergeant just finished my 6th deer cape with my mini flesher.The last 3 I haven't cut a single hole.I have also done 2 Coyotes was a little worried with the thinner skin.But it done a really fantastic job on the coyotes to 1 small hole between the 2.The pipe is for sure the way to go!Thanks again for the videos.
  12. Jloecken

    Jloecken New Member

    thanks a lot for posting the videos, I just bought one and this has been very helpful
  13. Glad the videos are beneficial!!!!!
  14. Thanks fror sharing!
  15. Papamac

    Papamac New Member

    Sergeant, I just wanted to thank you for the video. It was a big help in learning how to use my mini flesher. I used a back hide i was saving to practice on. Works great. Got the hang of it very fast and turned around a couple days later and shaved a bobcat . Thanks again.
  16. Second Mouse

    Second Mouse New Member

    Heck I'm sitting here at work where I can't stream video but with reviews like this I can hardly wait to get home and see it. :eek:
  17. southrock

    southrock New Member

    i do all my fleshing with a mini flesher. i have completely worn out two of them. my secret is to place a piece of dense foam like would be used in a seat cushion under the area im fleshing it allows the blade to cut a wider path and helps with cutting holes in the hide
  18. Dannynewman

    Dannynewman Well-Known Member

    David your a master of the mini flesher, thanks for sharing helped me out alot
  19. Thanks Danny!! Funny I just left the Tampa area yesterday! Spent the last week on the beach!
  20. jigginjim

    jigginjim Active Member

    Thinking of getting a mini-flesher, can stop-rot help on getting cape ready for the tannery. Thinking of the stop-rot before salting?