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My booth

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by birdstuffer, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. My booth at the Bighorn Show! The Flamingo is a hit!

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  2. Rick RR GBirds

    Rick RR GBirds Let's go kill some birds...I'm psyched!

    Good looking booth!

  3. Looks great! Nice lighting on the mounts. Very professional!!! You should do well at the show!
  4. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

    Very nice!! Neat and tiding I like it!!
  5. babak

    babak Active Member

    Cheri,very nice mounts,as i said before that pheasant pairs are awesome!!
  6. socalmountainman

    socalmountainman Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of '73

    Good luck at the show. You do beautiful work Cheri!
  7. Samson

    Samson New Member

    good looking booth Cheri!
    i love that flamingo and the pheasant in the background.
    Greetings, Karin
  8. ElkinsTaxidermy

    ElkinsTaxidermy www.ronelkinstaxidermy.com

    Very nice presentation!
  9. igor

    igor Member

    Your booth is awesome. And you look good too!

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  10. Tragopan

    Tragopan Member

    Stop by sometime. Been awhile since I last saw you. I still raise birds. Never been to the Bighorn show, maybe I'll
    make it this weekend. Tragopan. Jeff in Spokane
  11. Cheri,
    Booth and birds look fantastic!
    As I told you before, your work is inspiring!
    Great job!!
  12. very nice looking.... that will bring customers ;)
  13. Ratherbhunting

    Ratherbhunting New Member

    Absolutely fantastic definitely something to be proud of
  14. bucksnort10

    bucksnort10 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Cheri.
    It all looks nice.
  15. Looks very nice and I don't doubt the flamingo is a hit! Not something you see everyday and you did a great job on it all.
  16. Looks great. I'm hoping to have a booth there next year. Your pieces look great!! Alyssa
  17. gwamp

    gwamp Member

    Booth looks great. Hope the show is a success.
  18. Wow...thanks everybody! I am a little nervous about getting in too many birds!!!!! The show is great and I can barely walk out of the doors at night because my head is too big from all the compliments all day!!!!!! ;D
  19. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    Very Nice Cheri
  20. jevic035

    jevic035 Member

    very nice cheri .... very nicely setup from what i see your booth very well balance