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dakota flesher

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by CountryLife Taxidermy, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. i am in need of a dakota flesher 4 or 5 model...i have money now ...just trying not to pay full price for a new of
  2. tommy70

    tommy70 New Member

    just a tip bud..most are charging no less than 500 for a used machined..for me not knowing previous conditions machine was used i just went for the new..jmo though. Goodluck !!

  3. i thought about that also. iv done the research on the dakota flesher and there almost nothing to break . just maintain one and keep it clean and they last 15 yrs and better just change and or sharpen the blade once in a while . if i can get one a couple hundred less and couple yrs old ill do that. i still got many many yrs on it...i hope this helps you in a future buy.. thanks for your help and thoughts