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split ears with earliners

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by RICKP, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. RICKP

    RICKP Let'er Buck

    Ok, I have been searching for information on the best way to use earliners with split ears. I thought I had seen a tutorial someone had done but, can't find it.
    Does anyone know of one showing ideas or have some good thoughts their self?

  2. Rich, if the ears are split I would fix that before installing them with earliners or bondo method. What I do to repair a split ear is, I use a piece of used fabric softener and super glue gel. Once you have your deer tanned and ready to mount, invert the ears and align the split so there are no gaps. Then take and cut a piece of fabric softener a little larger then the split and apply the super glue gel trying to cover but not get it in the split. once you have fabric sotfener glued down to the ear, this will hold the ear togetherand you can install the ear liner or do the bondo method, which is what I do. Sorry I do not have any pictures, but will say I have been repairing split ears this way for years. It is quick and easy and you will never know the ear was split. I just try to make sure split is super glued everywhere and this will not allow any glue or bondo to go through the split and get into the hair. Good luck if this is what you where looking for.

  3. Sorry I meant to say use fabric softener sheets like Downy or Bounce, I prefer used ones, but I imagine a new would work, just has the smell good stuff in it.
  4. RICKP

    RICKP Let'er Buck

    Thanks AA,
    I understand the sheets and glue for rips and cuts in the ear but, I am referring to jagged edges from fighting or missing chucks.
    Think of a ear that a cougar got a claw in and ripped it. not just a tear from spliting the ear type split. Hope that makes sense.
  5. Rick, I am very much a newbee so my thoughts may not be worth much, but I recently did one with some pretty rough looking battle scars myself. Once I had the ears ready for the earliners I laid the ear over the earliner and traced it with a sharpie and cut it to match with some scissors. Then I sanded it smooth(especially the sharp corners) so the earliner wouldn't snag and rip the ear when fitting it in. I was very generous with my adhesive so it would fill any voids where I may have over cut. It worked out well for me. I hope this may help. Best of luck.
  6. Rich P, OK you have two choices: the bondo method works so well. It can be shaped to fit what ever the ear is or is not in this case. You can get the S-BT400 or other sizes from Jim Alred Taxidermy Supply for $19.95 and it comes with an instructial video to show you the entire process.
    Or do as Chris describe, which is the procedure for ear liners and will work very well. And if there happens to be an area where ear liner does not get in the ear, you can mix 2-part epoxy and place a small amount of it inside the ear where the void is, shape it and form it to the earliner. You will probably want to card it as well into place with cardboard and a paper clip, so it does hold the desired shape until it dries in a couple or so hours.