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2013 Spring turkey hunts

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by bucksnort10, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Our season here in MN doesn't start until next Wednesday. It usually starts the same as WI. Glad I wasn't out today. lol

  2. mn_jimmer

    mn_jimmer New Member

    Bruce, Were you out on the Rosebud? How's it looking out there this year? My trip is in two weeks.

  3. Yep - been going there for 17 years now. This was the fewest birds I have ever seen. Never saw a jake either. The rancher said he thinks the drought is hurting the birds. Some creek bottoms we normally hunted were all dried up. No water = no turkeys out there.
  4. dmac1175

    dmac1175 Active Member

    Not this year. Gonna try a private land hunt this time.
  5. MN_Whitetail

    MN_Whitetail New Member

    Congrats everyone on your successful hunts this year! Looks like a lot of great birds are hitting the ground early. This thread gets me fired up for May.
  6. gamechanger

    gamechanger New Member

    Congrats and great pics!

    If any of your folks do not take the birds with them, I will buy all the breast feathers or breast skins with feathers intact that you can get to me. I need them for my taxidermy work this year. I never get any extras so now I have to buy them! lol

    I will buy all the wings you can spare as well in case they are available.

    Thanks and happy hunting!
  7. Called this one in last weekend... 9 inch beard 3/4 inch spurs. Not my best but I'll take him!

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  8. tommy70

    tommy70 New Member

    very nice looking tom..Congrats
  9. spurhunter

    spurhunter Active Member

    Mine this season-
    25yd bow tom, no blind, double beard
  10. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Our season starts here on the 22nd. Cant wait!!!!! Good looking birds guys and gals.
  11. nswiken

    nswiken Well-Known Member

    A buddy of mine has a secret spot near our town for turkeys. We have been getting a lot of snow, so he wanted to go out there and pick up his blind yesterday afternoon. Our spring season opened three days ago. We pulled in to park, and there was a group of turkeys already in their roost tree. I walked over and mouth yelped, the tom gobbled, and I knocked him out of the tree. Not a classic turkey hunt by any means, but I got a turkey.

    We then spotted two toms leaving a pasture into some scattered trees, so tried to intersect them. They came out into an opening, and my buddy rocked the bigger tom. The tom then gathered himself and the two of them walked up into the hills. We followed along, and soon spotted the tom hunkered in the snow on a hillside. We sneaked around a ridge, closed the distance, and finished the job. Two toms in about an hour, and back to town before sundown. Sure could have done without the uphill slog in a foot of snow, though.

    Unorthodox? Yes. We never did pick up the blind.

    Any idea on the subspecies of this turkey? We have Merriam's further south in Montana, but this one had more of a brown rump.

  12. minehill

    minehill New Member

    2013 Spring turkey hunts

    My girlfriends first turkey. 26.5lbs 12"& a 9.5" beard 1 3/8" spurs..Big ol Missouri Tom

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  13. I got one this am in MN. Had lots of activity at my dekes. I had 3 jakes come in and one bred my Dave Smith decoy off and on for a half hour. Then they left and 8 more jakes came in. Apparently we had a really good hatch here last year. I haven't seen 11 jakes total in the last 5 yrs around here. I had two tents set up - one on each point behind the house. Of course I picked the wrong one to sit in. There were 2 birds gobbling right by my other tent and I think they went to the field and were gobbling right in front of that tent. To get there it would be almost a mile walk so I sat tight. They kept gobbling so after a couple hours of listening to them I decided to take a hike. I walked over there and set up and they stopped gobbling. Stayed for another hour and nothing. So I decided to go back to my other tent where I had left my dekes out. That tent is on the back side of a small slope so I eased up to my tent and saw a fan in my decoys. He was about 60 yards away and facing away from me. I started to close the gap and he turned and caught me moving. He started to walk away and I quick ran another 5 yards and he was in strut again. I was now at 50 yards and when he lifted his head up I dropped him. It is a 2 year old. By myself and now it is pouring out so no pics. Now waiting for my Iowa and WI seasons. ;D

  14. Scottyboy

    Scottyboy New Member

    Nice birds, guys!
    I finally drew an AZ Goulds turkey tag. My hunt starts May 3rd. I hope to have a pic to share shortly thereafter!
    If I am successful with the Goulds, I'll only lack the Osceola and Occelated to complete them all.
  15. mjroberts

    mjroberts gator season will be here soon

    here are a couple pic of customers that we took hunting this season

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  16. mjroberts

    mjroberts gator season will be here soon

    spur pic

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  17. mn_jimmer

    mn_jimmer New Member

    Good thing you got one this morning Bruce. Sounds like the weather is going to be pretty tough for the rest of this first season. I have season D again this year.
  18. tommy70

    tommy70 New Member

    keep rubbin it in Mr. Bruce ;D lol..i heard they canceled iowa may season and wisconsin just put a band on boarder crosser's lol ;) ..might aswell oil that rig up and call it a year ;)...my arrow will be flying pretty soon 8)
  19. very nice every1 i cant wait to get out there
  20. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

    Congrats to all the successful hunts! I was ready to give up hope here in northern Wisconsin as spring just isn't coming this year. The temps outside this morning were in the teens but when the wife took the dog out this morning she heard some gobbling. I got dressed and stumbled out to the blind and 5 minutes later shot this guy.