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So nice to mount my own trophy, "Mr. Brown".

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Warbird, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. You might know the feeling. Working on everyone else's nice bucks and wishing you had one of your own. Wishing came true for me last fall ! It was really a pleasure to work on my own trophy last week. My huntin' buddy called him "Mr. Brown". Feel free to critique. I'm still trying, but I've yet to mount the perfect buck........Thanks, John

  2. jd gray

    jd gray New Member

    Nice deer, definitely something to be proud of.

  3. shammy

    shammy New Member

    Beautiful mount Warbird

    SWIFFY Member

    Congrats! Thats a beautiful buck!
  5. 24/7

    24/7 New Member

    He is definitely brown! Great deer. I really like the color in the eye. What kind is it?
  6. Brian Reinertson

    Brian Reinertson Well-Known Member

    Very nice!
  7. Thanks ya'll. Eyes are Van Dyke's Natural eyes, medium.............John
  8. very nice deer good job
  9. I've mistaken, they are Van Dykes' Bio Optic. I like them because the pupil stands out a little more...........John
  10. jorgy

    jorgy Member

    I wish I had time to mount my own stuff. I have a load of it and cant get to it.
  11. "my own stuff" is actually why I started doing taxidermy. Sometimes you just have to make your stuff top priority.Although I can see this being an issue if taxidermy is your main vocation.............John
  12. R. Follis

    R. Follis New Member

    I know the feeling I told myself this year I would get my own stuff done. I had 9 of my own Whitetail to do and so far 7 are done. Good job on yours.