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Dead deer eye look

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by millardtaxi, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. millardtaxi

    millardtaxi JOHN 3:3

    I've got an idea in my head for a comp piece and was just wondering if anyone has ever tried to reproduce a dead look to a whitetail before?? And if so what would you use to get that fogged over or blued over eye look as they look when they come to your shop after have been dead a few days?

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  2. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama New Member

    Will this work for you?


  3. I learned the hard way that you have to let a deer nose completely dry before you spray it again. It turned foggy on me. You may try this with the eyes. Spray them with super fish gloss let set a few minutes and then spray them again, do this a couple times and they might fog up really good. Just an idea. It is what I would try.
  4. R. Follis

    R. Follis New Member

    I have never tried this but how about painting your own eyes to give you the effect your looking for?
  5. millardtaxi

    millardtaxi JOHN 3:3

    Those are all good ideas thanks guys

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  6. Riverland

    Riverland New Member

    How long has it been dead? Your pupils need to be opened up as it is dead and relaxed.
  7. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Travis, contact Tohickon, they make a really nice one. You could paint one up, but the color depth on Tohickon's is really nice.
  8. dugart

    dugart Doug Smith / D-Sign,LLC. 616-392-3841

    Here's a trick I used. Take an OTS TruEye and use a dremmel tool with a small round burr or stone, carefully grind out the normal slit pupil and create an oval shaped clear pupil area. If the oval isn't perfect you can use a tiny brush and some black paint to refine the edge of the oval.
    Next I used some 5 minute epoxy and dripped a blob inside the eye. The epoxy cures sort of cloudy but it's not the exact right color. That's okay because you can spray a little light blue/gray on the epoxy and it shows through the epoxy to make a truly dead looking eye with great depth.

    I used this on a small button buck that was part of a competition piece I did a couple years back and many, many taxidermists who looked at it said they were the most realistic dead eyes they had ever seen. Another bonus to using the plastic eye is the you can easily take a 32mm down to a 28mm by sanding off the back side of the eye.

    So for what it's worth, there's another option for you.