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tails and furs **for sale**

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Zerrinah, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Zerrinah

    Zerrinah New Member

    Hey guys, I'm new here, but I'm doing some clearing out of my collection so I can make up for investing on new furs and taxi supplies.
    **updated sold items**

    All include shipping.


    RED FOX: (keychain) A wild red fox 18~ inches. It's a lovely color of orange and tan spiraling down the tail with some dark orange dorsal markings and a white tip. Super soft and great quality. (i have secured a keychain on it by riveting a deerskin strap on it)
    it is $20 shipped.

    COYOTE: (keychain) A standard coyote tail, 18~ inches full and fluffy with some nice orange and brown guard hairs and some nice gray under fur, and a lovely black tip with a couple black dorsal markings. This guy has a keychain attached as well as two beaded feathers danging by some white suede string. $15 shipped.

    CRYSTAL FOX: (not a keychain) And for the last of my tails, a crystal fox about 17~ inches. This crystal is a very light color, with some dark chocolate color scattered in, as well as a nice dark dorsal marking. Super fluffy and super soft, feels like sampson fox fur. Lovely quality. $13 shipped or $18 shipped if you want me to add a deerskin strap riveted on with a keychain attached.

    Pelts (SOLD both)

    COYOTE: I've also got a nice rusty orange, garment tanned coyote pelt, the body is in absolute perfect condition, I rehydrated the head to make it more life-like, he has no legs. He has a nice full, fluffy and gorgeous tail. This guy is a beauty. He is ventral cut, wakould me a lovely wall-hang. $50 shipped. Sold

    RABBIT: (abdominal cut)I've got a lovely brown rabbit pelt, the fur is very soft and lovely, the tan is nice as well. $8 shipped. Sold

    Just pm me if interested and I can provide more info/pics.

    Here are some pictures of the remaining tails.

    red fox


    crystal fox
  2. Zerrinah

    Zerrinah New Member


  3. Zerrinah

    Zerrinah New Member

    Tails still for sale. Will discount if more than one is bought.

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