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Marco Polo Ibex hunt, looking for another hunter to go along.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by *, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    Ibex can be hunted alone, for 3,500, not necessary to book for both.

    I'm booked for Marco Polo w/ Ibex In
    Southern Kyrgyzstan.
    Anyone want to join me?

    10 days of hunting - 14 days total. Leaving from Chicago the 28th of Sept Arrive Bishkek the 30th. Hit camp the 1st, Start the Hunt on the 2nd thru the 11th. English speaking person in camp and on hunt. Hunting the Ak-Say Valley area southern Kyrgyzstan near the China Border. Leave camp get into Bishkek the 12-13th hang out and sight see and wait for export papers to be completed (2 days) and over the weekend from Kry Auth to leave with trophies. Leave the morning of Oct. 17th for home. That's my schedule and flights.

    Ibex 3,500.00 US guaranteed 1,500 refund if no Ibex taken. Additional Ibex are 2,500.
    This is taken off your balance and that is paid at end of hunt at camp.

    Marco Polo 17,500 US guaranteed 9,000 refund if no Marco Polo sheep it taken. This is taken off your balance and that is paid at end of hunt at camp.

    $21,000 US for both on 10 days of hunting 14 days total thru the PH.

    Flights out of Chicago right now are running about $1,600 round trip.

    You have till the 23rd of April to get your name into the Kry Authority thru my outfitter/PH to get your U S cites permit. Don't just apply and take away a cites from someone else truly going 6 were returned to USFW last year unused and they didn't even go. That took away chances for other hunters to get theirs. The Deposit can be paid later to the outfitter, Your name must be on that list before it goes to USFW. Then May 1st send for your cites thru USFW to bring sheep back on the plane.

    Ibex require no Cites.

    You have hotel expense at end of the hunt waiting for export papers while we see and visit in Bishkek.

    More info pm me or email and I'll send you info to call the outfitter and his email. [email protected]

    Kairat K. Akmatbekov
    "Arpa-Marco Polo" Hunting Service Company
    e-mail:[email protected]
    Cell:+ 996 556 588805
    + 996 770 069595
    #105, Chon-Alysh str., Naryn/Kyrgyzstan
  2. maxman

    maxman Member

    You're killin me here!!!!!!!! ;D

  3. 357

    357 New Member

    I agree
  4. hoytman

    hoytman UTA Member

    If I wasn't leaving on a fly in penninsula brown bear hunt in 36 days, Id be all over the Ibex.. Too much going on here that time of year..
  5. tommy70

    tommy70 New Member

    ;D Business must be real Good on your end ;) Or you have a sweet Momma, World class trip definately..if i had the cheese ..well thats another story lol