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Some new fish skulls

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Jean-Christophe, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Here are some fish skulls, monkfish, zander and barracudas.

    Monkfish skull from a head that weighed 5 kg. Quite large already but Guus has some that are much much larger.

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  2. Zander skull (Sander lucioperca), this species is closely related to Walleyes for Americans.

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  3. This is the largest barracuda from the heads I got. The skull is 36,5 cm (14.370 inches) which would make something like a 1,65m (5.413 ft) long fish.

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  4. The jaw has a bad break partially healed. Any idea on how it happened ?

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  5. the large barracuda with my hand.

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  6. The large barracuda with the smallest I had.

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  7. Group pic of 5 barracuda skulls just for fun.

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  8. group pic 2

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  9. Voltrax

    Voltrax New Member

    That's great JC! Looking really good as always.
    Got some work with few projects, but I hope to get into fishes when I will have some more time.
  10. nice looking specimens
  11. RWOOD

    RWOOD New Member

    Very cool.

    Great work!
  12. Justin P.

    Justin P. Active Member

    Those are really cool! Great work.
  13. Thanks all ! :)
  14. Rizzo

    Rizzo Member

    Love those fish skulls.
  15. fish skulls are very cool
  16. Wouter

    Wouter Member

    Great skulls JC, this summer I'll give some a try as well, and your examples will be a great help for me.

  17. Thanks, that good if I inspire you with some fish :)

    To someone who sent me a PM about a cuda head and which I couldn't answer because it came back to me as failure 2 times.

    I don't have beetles, so I use maceration and put back everything. Read this post :

    If you have beetles, use them. Then several acetone bath till the acetone remains clear (this ask several months and the bigger the fish is the longer it take). Use a bath of alcohol with H2O2 in to whiten, because without the alcohol the skull is more likely to fall apart.

    Hope this helped.

    Hope this person will read it.
  18. woolycow

    woolycow New Member

    You did a beautiful job on that cuda. Very nice work.
  19. Awesome work as always JC. Now that its warming up again here I'll be back at it soon, got some big king mackerel heads in the freezer (biggest from a 65 pound fish) and actually have a little spanish mackerel degreasing now.