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Some new fish skulls

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Jean-Christophe, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Thanks ! I was wondering if you continue the (fish) skull job. If I remember right you had several other species of fish, did you finished their skulls or maybe the fishers have forgotten to give you the heads ? (hope not)
  2. I have several gator gar heads coming soon, thanks for the hints!!! Very nice work!!

  3. Best idea I can think of would be maybe a boat accident or fight injury. Very nice skulls and I would not want to get bit by one of those!
  4. I recently got one of these from my uncle, its all mummified but I'm worried all those little teeth will come out if I clean it, do u know if they will or r they fused to the skull?
  5. I never worked on a gar, but seeing pics I think most of the teeth should fall out if the skull is macerated. The good thing would be that few bones should separate except the teeth on them. Or try a hand cleaning maybe. The issue is that upper jaw seems non removable from the skull thus you would have to scrape everything from the head. Or simpler, see if you can send it to someone with beetles...
  6. Beetles wouldn't work I don't think, do they eat mummified flesh? The problem with scrapping for me is the flesh is to hard and dry, may just soak it over night and see if I can get anything off
  7. They would if you soaked it and got it hydrated first.
  8. I'm not sure if beetles will eat the mummified flesh. Yes maybe rehydrate and dry just like beetles like it. I think clothes moth would love to eat mummified flesh. I had them cleaning unintentionally for me a 2 inch long small dried fish perfectly. It' now a tiny ligamentary skeleton that I have somewhere...
  9. If by "mummified" you just mean dried without preservatives, I don't see why the beetles would not eat it. They may not prefer it as much to true meat but they will eat it. And I would not redry as I find that dried meat just dries out before the beetles eat it. I just put the skull in there wet and it works just fine. That may be contributing to the smell factor in my basement though... :D