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Blow hole buck..

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by dsbragg, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. silverbuck

    silverbuck New Member

    That is so awesome,thanks for sharing Dennis !!! 8)
  2. Bob Mead

    Bob Mead Mead Taxidermy Studio, LLC

    Interesting story and beautiful job recreating it!! Great job!!

  3. minehill

    minehill Member

  4. R. Follis

    R. Follis New Member

    Great Job!!!
  5. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

  6. 24/7

    24/7 New Member

    Great work Dennis.Big fan of your work and your humble way of doing things.
  7. buckcrazy

    buckcrazy New Member

    Very very nice job!!!! U do amazing work !!!
  8. Nice work Dennis!
  9. tem

    tem Well-Known Member

    i half to agree with every one. :) ;) :D ;D :eek: 8)
  10. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Totally impressed.... but not surprised.... your work gets more awesome by the month!
  11. Appreciate everyone's comments. :)
  12. Nick7

    Nick7 New Member

    simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Harvestmoontaxi

    Harvestmoontaxi Lake of the woods walleyes

    I hope you got compensated for the extra art. you went the extra mile on that bad boy. Truly inspiring.
  14. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    I must say, I always enjoy looking at your work Dennis, and it just keeps getting better and better! From one obsessed wt addict to another, outstanding work!
  15. Nice Dennis, real nice!
  16. Richard C

    Richard C Well-Known Member

    Excellent, Dennis
  17. Thanks For sharing your work ---Well Done
  18. petasucks

    petasucks New Member

    Talk about a unique mount! Nice work
  19. Jason R

    Jason R Ph# 325-282-2527

    Great job Dennis!!!
  20. Beartowntaxi

    Beartowntaxi New Member

    Great work, truly impressed!