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Show of hands (degreasing and whitening)

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by grygon, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Who here whitens before they degrease? If so, why?
  2. I usually only whiten before degreasing with cats, to remove blood staining since they seem to be the worst with it. If I see blood staining, I whiten right away since it seems to help make it go away faster. Otherwise, I just degrease first then whiten. Occasionally I will degrease, whiten and let it dry but still see grease, then back to degreasing.

  3. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    I usually do a soak in peroxide before to sanitize it first before degreasing, then I do it again after
  4. CA Trapper

    CA Trapper Member

    Peroxide soak after maceration, degrease, another peroxide soak, seal.

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  5. bugs de-grease then whiten

    maceration de-grease then whiten

    water, soap and ammonia are cheaper than peroxide so i don't like putting skulls in my peroxide that are greasy. bugged skulls go into water only for their first de-grease session because they have so much bug poop on/in them that it's just a waste to add soap.
  6. BWebbs31

    BWebbs31 Classic Skull Mounts, LLC

    I actually just started a peroxide soak for 24hrs, right after the beetles are finished. Then it hits the degreasing tanks and gets whitened before sealing.

    I don't have any "hard data" that suggests that this is improving anything, but I feel it sure helps with some blood staining and stubborn blood spots in some skulls. I don't do it on every skull, just the ones where I can see some potential problems down the road...

    I also use my "old" peroxide that has been soiled from the real whitening part. Otherwise that stuff just gets tossed, so it's kind of a win win......
  7. jprince

    jprince New Member

    On my last couple raccoons i did there was a ton of blood. After skinning i soaked in cold water for a day or two and it sucked it all out for the most part and then macerated. Came out of maceration with no staining like i have had problems with in the past. Idk if anyone else has cold water soaked but i feel that it helped a ton on blood stain. I would imagine a soak in cold water before heat is used would work some of those stains out? Heat usually sets stains in clothing dont know if its the same on bone
  8. This has proven enlightening. Thanks! :)