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Best Taxidermy School

Discussion in 'Training' started by bowentaxidermy, May 2, 2013.

  1. bowentaxidermy

    bowentaxidermy New Member

    Obviously this could go mulitple ways but which school would you reccommend?

    Looking for a school to teach everything to open a business.
  2. Bill Dishman

    Bill Dishman Well-Known Member

    So many to choose from. Some instructors may be very talented and turn out amazing work, but have no ability to teach those skills to their students. A teacher who shows you the basics while challenging you to problem solve on your own is the best way to go. Some schools are so concerned with getting students to leave with perfect mounts, that they do the work for you. Find one that teaches you how and then lets you do your own work.

    Pick one with a good solid foundation stressing the basic fundamentals such as skinning, prepping, sewing etc...
    Also, be aware that recommendations on here from former students can be faked too. Do your homework.

  3. RiversEdgeIdaho

    RiversEdgeIdaho New Member

    I just read the response to your inquiry about choosing the best school for you. It has been my experience that when somebody talks down about another to sell themselves you should be cautious. The focus should be on the services offered and recommendations from former students to help you make your decision. I attended Artistic School of Taxidermy this spring and completed a mountain lion & mountain goat life size mounts over the course of eight days. It is true that you feel like you are at a resort, Troy takes very good care of you and wants you to enjoy yourself. He also wants you to turn out the best possible work given your abilities. He shows you the right way, and is there to teach you how to do things correctly. I read the books and watched videos about the fundamentals before I attended the school so that I would have a basic understanding of the principals. Once I started working on the pieces Troy's knowledge and teaching style gave me the tools to turn out quality pieces. We were able to discuss business aspects at mealtime and while I was sewing. Without other students or distractions it was very easy to ask all the questions I had about running a taxidermy business. If you would like to contact me to get more information about my time at Artistic School of Taxidermy please feel free to call me at 208-921-3311, Jay Myers
  4. Stilletto

    Stilletto New Member

    I would have to say it's a professional atmosphere, giving you the benefit of no distractions, or worry. All inclusive isnt a drawback and equally important is the instructors experience which can be backed by his past and present work. I guess a professional comaraderie doesn't exist here-it's a shame. Instructors are giving the best of themselves-which is evident in the work accomplished and knowledge gained, sense of accomplishment the student gains throughout the learning process.

    Completely agree with the previous post-and offer when one talks down about another to sell themselves it pretty much shows their lack of professionalism-classless.
  5. rebergerjc

    rebergerjc Platinum Taxidermy

    Yes, there are a lot to choose from when you really start looking. Basically it comes down to what you want. Do you want your instructors full attention or are you more comfortable learning with numerous other students in a class. Do you want to feel at home and be able to work the hours that you want or are you more comfortable with an 8-4 schedule and spend your evenings in a hotel room. Do you want to spend your hard earned money on restaurant meals and accommodations or would you rather put that money towards more specimens to mount while you are there. It was a pretty simply decision for me.
    In my opinion you can't go wrong with Artistic Taxidermy. Troy Rose has a great system of instructing. I feel that I retained everything that I learned during my 10 days
    with him. Feel free to contact me for more information. 403-318-1182, Jeremy Reberger
  6. The best school? A little long winded but worth the time to read. There will a lot of opinions out there. I managed 100’s of people for a helicopter manufacture. When I looked for a school to help me excel in taxidermy, I approached it as if I was doing a business case and a return on investment, which is used in all facets of business.

    Things I looked for were:

    Credentials- What has the instructor done, what is his experience? This would give me and idea of what he can teach me. (I realize just because I guy can do does not mean he can teach, but I will get to that later)

    Character- This trait in the business world is huge and was needed for me to attend a class

    Integrity- Another trait that holds a lot of weight

    Business Savvy- I looked for someone that not only could help refine my taxidermy shills, I wanted someone that was equally savvy on the business side so I could gleam some of his ideas to help excel the business side of my business.

    Cost- cost of the course was down on the list as I know from the business world, finding someone that had the credentials, character, integrity, and business savvy was going to cost. One thing to consider is not only the class tuition but also, Hotel? Food? Gas back and forth. (it all adds up and often time unexpected charges you were not told about)

    References- As with any business decision, references are always key. Read all the student replies and focused on which references elaborated on what I was looking for. I personally call some of these guys and girls and also called the students that there reviews /replies were not as strong. Come to find out some of these just wrote a simple review but during a actual conversation raved about the class

    Return students- This was also important, if you like something you will go back. I realize during any class you will only learn a fraction of what you need to know and those that return to the same instructor tell me that they were willing to invest more of there hard earned money with that same instructor. Even doing your diligence you may have made the wrong decision, a repeat student indicates to me the student was happy. Do not think that when you leave you will be a master taxidermist. You will have many years of hard work and additional training ahead of you.

    Class Size- I wanted the class to be as small as possible and one-on-one if I could afford it. I wanted to be instructed by the instructor NOT one of there students!

    After my due-diligence I chose Troys Roses Artistic School of Taxidermy. On my first visit I did not know what to expect and was nervous as I spent my hard earned money, time away from work and my family. Troy was patient with me he was very methodical in how he taught. After a certain point Troy will let you struggle, this was to see how your problem solving skills were, after all your instructor is not going to be there when you leave. My experience was AWESOME. Troy was able to take all his experience, techniques and pass those on to me in a way that was easily understood. It was apparent to me that Troy not only produced great work but was equally savvy at instructing. Troy holds back NO secrets as he wants to to become successful and some day be as good if not better than him.

    And instructor is like a coach of a sports team, you will coach/instruct people at all levels of experience and a good coach/instructor can look at those experience and adjust there training to challenge you and to get the BEST performance out of you. I am glade and proud to be part of Troys team and look forward to advancing my career through him.

    As in any business, when people/businesses are threatened or feel they are out matched in skill and ability they often turn to criticism, belittling, badgering ETC…. instead of trying to better there business? Unfortunately those business is heading down the path of destruction.

    When you search for that perfect school think about some of these things before you invest your hard earned money. Please fell free to contact me for a reference 541-295-2329.

    The only reason I replied to this post was if I can help one person think about these items and make the right decision, my post served it's purpose.
  7. TD

    TD My GGG Grandfather John "Tanner John" King b 1820

    I'm not going to write a book.....just check out my web site and see what I offer......
  8. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    I graduated from the "school of hard knocks". There are so many educational opportunities out there that were not an option in the past. Taxidermy is a one project at a time learning process. You will get more bang for your buck attending conventions than any other way to begin with. Schools do offer one on one instruction that you will not get at seminars
  9. I do not have the time to write a 10 page reply to all of this, but I will comment on a few things mentioned.
    Some have the ability to watch, learn and then do. I do not. That said, I looked for some one on one training not too far from me. I checked references, etc, then gave Troy Rose a call.
    A few months later I was heading to Troy's place. A great location and hell yeah it looks like a resort!! I knew little to nothing about bird work when I arrived, so Troy had his work cut out for him. I learned much from Troy during my stay. And yes, I will some day return for advanced one on one training. A great bang for the buck with great food, comfy bed and big work area!
    My coin was well spent with Troy!!
    Best of luck in your search.

    Mark Livengood 775)720-3432 for reference
  10. WileyNichols

    WileyNichols New Member

    I have been to two different schools. The first one i decided on was the cheaper one and a longer time period which i thought was the best. I turned out being wrong, it was a 5week course and six students. The teacher was very hard to understand and it seemed like he really didn't want to be there. He would watch the clock and when it was12 o clock on the dot he was out of there and sometimes take long lunches and the same when it was 5 o clock. Then it turned in to a big drama mess, I felt like I was back in high school. Was not a good experience. The following spring I decided to try artistic taxidermy which was one of my choices when I first decided to go. Troy was very top notch, he's an awesome teachers and I learned so much. It was a good choice going with the One on one. He well stay late and help yea as long as it takes and tell you understand it. The school is great as well as the food and lodging. I highly recommend artistic taxidermy with Troy Rose. You want be disappointed.
  11. I'm not going to comment on how great Troy is.
    That has already been established.
    What I do want to point out is that Bill Dishman for some reason has something personal against Troy.
    He doesn't come right out and name any one but if you have been to school with Troy it is obvious who he is bashing.
    This is not the first time I have seen Bill make derogatory comments directed towards Troy Rose
    SHAME on you BILL jelousy gets you no where. You are making yourself look bad.
  12. brigham boy

    brigham boy "if it's horny, mount it"

    I attended bills school and i learned what i could in 5 weeks...bill and terry are awesome people...i had an awesome time..the problem i think is..if you don't know anything at all..zip...nada....then your mind won't be ready to absorb your moneys worth....if i could do it all over again i would have used this website and practice the basics on practice skins...there is more then enough info on this site to get you're feet wet....then after learning as much as you can here, you're mind will be in taxi mode and you can seek additional training..the mounts you bring home from school wont stay in your showroom for long as you get better...i have only one left, my first deer, (not in my showroom) i keep it only because it was the first deer i threw together and it reminds me how far ive come.

    I also would suggest seeking training from a local taxidermist in your area on the basics.

    Like i said before, your mind will not take in your moneys worth...i recently did a two day seminar with bill Lancaster and i was amazed at how much i learned because my mind was ready for it...i took in a grundle of info in those two days.

    Im not trying to discourage you or trying to put down bills school...i just think his school and others alike are a waste of money to a fresh beginner, i think schools like them are great once a basic understanding of taxidermy is achieved.

    Don't waste your money on learning how to sew,prep hides and basics like that..save it for learning anatomy,hair patterns, form alterations...competition techniques..stuff like that.

    Grab a video...search for answers on this site...re evaluate your decision on school in six months.

    Oh ya and join your states association. Good luck

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  13. Bearman60

    Bearman60 New Member

    I too could write a 10 page reply to this thread about how good Troy's School of Taxidermy is because I was there. I'm not going to though because it has been said already. What I will add is some insight as to his teaching technique. I did a half life -size bear while I was there. Troy showed me how to get the right eye placed and molded so that it would look real. It took him a short time to do and he explained what and why he was doing at each step. Then it was my turn. Class time had ended for the day but you can work as long as you want to after hours in the shop. I spent 2 hours trying to get my eye to look as good as Troy's. I couldn't get it , so I went back into the house and told Troy I was having problems. He came back out into the shop and looked at Bear's eye and said "Yep, your right. You have a problem" He then sat down with me and told me what was wrong and watched as I made the corrections. It was amazing. I had too much clay in the wrong areas. As I corrected the clay placement I could see my eye come to life. After another hour of trying to get it to look like Troy's eye I still wasn't happy. So again I went into the house and told Troy. It was about 9:30 pm. Troy came out to the shop and looked at my eye. He sat down and looked hard at it. Then to my surprise he said " You Know What? I like your eye better." He took about 3 minutes and made a few small adjustments to the other eye and wham it looked perfect. I did 4 Mounts in 10 days. I am working at home now on two raccoons ( one looking out of a hollow knothole and the other above ) It is with the confidence in my abilities that Troy gave me in his school that allows me to do this on my own. Oh and by the way, Troy doesn't teach commercial Mounting he teaches competition mounting. The level of detail in competition mounting is far greater than commercial. so for me, Best Taxidermy School is hands down Try Rose's "Artistic School of Taxidermy."
  14. brigham boy

    brigham boy "if it's horny, mount it"

    Ya but for a newbie its not a good investment

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  15. I'm going to have to agree with Dave. It appears as if Mr. Dishman is attacking Troy. There is no reason for this as I never see Troy post anything negative about anyone's school or work. If I am correct I don't think Troy or Mr. Dishman even know each other. Negativity is not a good marketing tool. Undercutting and bad mouthing your competition is not either. Maybe a phone call to Troy and compare notes would be worth while. Stay on the high road Troy.
    Artistic School of Taxidermy (2013)
  16. socalmountainman

    socalmountainman Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of '73

    Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of 1973.
  17. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Five-O, I've read Bills response 3 times and nowhere did I see him say one thing about Troy ( unless you know something we don't) . He made a generalized statement that I know applies to this industry. A guy wins a big award and he immediately becomes a judge and opens a school. Many of us are graduates of the schools that Joey and socalmountainman spoke of. No school is going to teach you talent.
  18. kirk

    kirk Member

    George, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to read between the lines and see that Billy windbag is bashing Troy. I attended Troy's school sometime ago before he had the "resort like accommodations." I owe my success to his teaching. His skills and professionalism are above reproach and he has a long list of award winning students. I myself don't know what ax old Billy windbag has to grind with Troy but it seems he is trying to tear Troy down to make himself look or feel better. Well I hope he feels better because he made himself look like a spoiled child that threatens to take his ball home if everybody doesn't do what he wants. One more thing the original post was asking what the best taxidermy school is so let's keep it on that subject to try to help people out that want to learn the art of taxidermy. All this other crap that people like you George are posting, just show how much of a pompass ass they are.
  19. andy77

    andy77 New Member

    I attended a course with Troy and came to him with just a desire and a fair amount of study but no experience other than, being able to cape my own trophy's ready for the taxidermist. Being from Australia it was a big leap of faith if i was to get value for money and satisfaction, it was after many emails and the odd phone call that i agreed to go with artistic school of taxidermy as my dealings with Troy early on were great . His first quote or course guide was a bit to long and a little out of my price range but he changed a few mounts around and time frame and really worked hard to give me a course that would suit. Once i arrived at his amazing place all concerns where gone at the first meeting his way of teaching and the fact that i could work as long as i wanted and he was available for any issues i had ensured i got as much out of the course as i could. After being shown how to do for eg. eye setting ,Troy would let me tough out problems when i knew i was close but not quite right and he would let me work through it with suggestions and encouragement. Long story short i came away from that course with confidence to go forward and complete my own work and have since done numerous mounts with many happy clients i have also made a good mate in Troy. keep up the amazing job your doing you have nothing to prove !!!!
  20. brigham boy

    brigham boy "if it's horny, mount it"

    I love the way this post got jacked..

    Complete bull chitt..take your praises or negative comments and start your own damn thread.

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