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norway grouse and capercallie

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by ole.cm, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. ole.cm

    ole.cm Guest


    I tried to post some pictures :)

    i am from norway and not so good in english sorry.
    i am new in here and like to here what you think of my work.

  2. Very nice mounts. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I could see that you use string to hold the feathers in place on the body. I have been using cotton batting to hold them especially on pin feathery birds to hide bald spots. I'll try this on my next mount.

  3. Jims Wildlife Studio

    Jims Wildlife Studio Full Time PA Taxidermist

    Very Nice Work.
  4. daniel

    daniel New Member

    nice rjupa oli lovely colour,s i have 4 but all white :)DANIEL
  5. ole.cm

    ole.cm Guest

    Thanks for all the compliments

  6. bird artist

    bird artist New Member

    Hi, your birds look good, but allow me to be the first to criticize. The willow ptarmigan as with the capercaillie are smooth enough but are way too tight looking and compressed, elongated if you will. Study your reference and see that basically all gallinaceous birds have the same tear drop shape, almost like a triangle. Much of this is caused by the anatomy of the neck and also from the belly feathers falling a little. Your problem is not from wrapping your birds with string, because I do that sometimes, but your wrapping them too tight. Also, use pieces of wire to hold up the string in certain places. You'll find with time you shouldn't even need to wrap your birds if they are mounted properly, nothing should want to lift. Also, don't keep your wraps in one area as this forms a dent as on the capercaillie, spread out the string. Hope this helps, Aaron
    p.s.- I'm looking for some capercaillie, blackcock, and hazel grouse, do you have any extras? Possible trade or purchase. Please contact me phone or email 775-233-4540
  7. ole.cm

    ole.cm Guest

    hi Aaron
    thx for your criticize.
    i like at people criticize and tell me what i have done wrong thats the best way to better on and if you dont see it bay your self you will keep doing that in the same proses.
    i see what you mean when i looking at the reference. thx for the tips
    i will tray that next time and i will post a new pics then.
    Sorry but i didn`t have any extras but i will call you if i get some.