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my 3rd wt critique plz.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by mark73, May 8, 2013.

  1. johnnyb

    johnnyb Member

    Wish my 3rd had looked that good. You're on task and the mount looks good overall. I agree that the eyes are a bit too wide open, but I've seen much worse from guys who've been doing this for a while. The nose is a bit too black for me also. I start out with flesh paint that is rubbed into the nose from the lip line forward to halfway up the nose, making sure all the creases have paint. Then wipe off the excess from the top. I then go over the top half of the nose with Paynes grey, getting into the creases well. I then lightly touch the pads on the lower half to the lip line with gray also. Then I take black and lightly touch the tops of the pads fading as I get closer to the lip line. I then spray very lightly with some clear satin polyuerethane to seal the colors. After dry, I mod-podge the tops of the pads until the desired look--let dry and then I use Liqui-tex gloss varnish to finalize the finish. Apply it lightly as it is thin and will cover the entire nose, filling in the creases slightly. Add as many coats as you think you need. I lay the head back to where the nose is pointing up as the Liqui-tex is pretty thin and turn on a fan to speed up the drying. This makes a really easy and nice looking nose.
  2. mark73

    mark73 New Member

    Thanks again for the input...I just have to keep at it. Its my fault on the eyes. I should have left them alone on day2 but I opened them some and the nose I painted with flesh but just got it to dark. My fault for not stepping back and looking at the situation. All in all I'm plzd. His neck shrank 2 inches on me after tanning. That was a let down

  3. X2 from me!